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“Nazari” became the director of medical insurance of Di Insurance Company

According to the report of Poli-Mali news, citing public relations and international affairs of Day insurance, Mustafa Nazari received the order of managing Day insurance treatment from Mohebati, who previously had valuable records in the field of Day insurance treatment and as the “head of the specialized branch” “Treatment” and “Treatment Management Deputy” of Insurance Day, have been engaged in service.

In a part of the text of Mustafa Nazari’s ruling, it is stated: “Due to your commitment, expertise and experience, you are hereby appointed as the head of medical insurance management of Bimah D Insurance Company.” In this regard, it is expected to take advantage of the specialized capacities available in Day Insurance and to put the explained strategies, plans and principles of the company including “transparency”, “professionalism”, “organizational attachment” and “responsibility and accountability” as well as cooperation with the deputies. and staff managers, provide the basis for the realization of the goals and plans of Day Insurance Company within the framework of priorities.”

While congratulating Mustafa Nazari, the Public Relations Department of Bimah Day wishes him more and more success.

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