Negligence of the government in reprimanding banks / Why are mortgages not paid?

According to Tejarat News, banks are one of the institutions that can play a decisive role in the process of supporting constructions by providing facilities, in this regard, the 13th government obliged the banks from the very beginning to allocate 20% of their resources to pay for the facilities of the National Movement. allocate housing; A process that banks never implemented.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, during the year ending on September 31, last year, 26 banks and credit institutions have paid 18,400 billion tomans in loans to the National Housing Movement, that is, according to the obligation of 360,000 billion tomans of banks and financial institutions, only 5.1% of the task assigned to them has been implemented! In the meantime, the performance of 20 banks and credit institutions in paying the facilities of the National Housing Movement in the mentioned period has been zero.

Excuses or lack of credibility?

The government has not dealt with the delinquent banks in this regard. In this case, Farshid Ilati, an expert in the field of housing, emphasized that banks should be fined in case of non-loaning, and told Mehr: In line with the law on the jump in housing production, banks are obliged to pay loans, and if they act against this law and duty, they must be fined, but the government has not fined a bank in this regard for two years.

Field observations are also in line with the statistics published by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. National Housing Movement loan applicants say that the banks claim that they do not have enough credit to pay such loans, and some of them also say that such an order has not been communicated to them in general.

Refusal of banks to pay mortgages

Of course, the National Housing Movement loan is not the only facility that banks are unwilling to pay. Rather, these institutions consider loans related to the housing sector as an additional burden on their shoulders. Instead of investing in a sector that has long-term repayment and little profit, banks prefer to involve their capital in a sector that can be highly profitable for them in a short time.

In this regard, Mohammad Mortazavi, the head of the National Center of Mass Builders of the country, told Market Analysis: Regarding the non-cooperation of the banks, it should be said that the financial model defined for the national housing project and the number of applicants for national housing can make the issue of the failure of national housing even more apparent. These two cases are discussed while they were also considered in the housing production jump law. So we see that these two sectors are vulnerable, because the banks have not cooperated well in this matter during the last few years.

Mortazavi has stated in this regard: Some banks, in confirming this action, declare that they have loaded their facilities in other sectors or commercial and service projects and cannot accept the repayment of 20-year installments.

The head of the National Association of Mass Builders has stated: Regarding the payment of banks’ facilities to the housing sector, it is clear that the banks have spent and allocated only 6% of their resources in the housing sector. This statistic is far from the requirement of banks to pay up to 20% to the housing sector; In other words, a quarter of the goals have been achieved.

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