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New CEO of Persepolis: I hope we meet all expectations / My most important goal is the freshness of the team and the fans

In an interview with a sports reporter of Fars News Agency, Reza Darvish said about holding a meeting with Persepolis players and staff members after he was elected as the club’s managing director: “It was a good meeting.” Our goal and that of all Persepolisians is to join hands to solve the club’s problems in some way. The players and staff are determined and have done their best. Everything is happening on the field and we on the board have a duty to do everything well so that we can win the sixth championship with these brave and very good and technical children.

He explained about his meeting last night with the members of the Persepolis team and their complaints about the financial situation: “Fortunately, they talked about the problems in a very good and friendly atmosphere.” Alipour and Zulfiqar Nasab were also present at this meeting, and God willing, we plan to do what we owe as soon as possible.

The new CEO of Persepolis stated: “When we expect the player to win and have a strong presence in the tournament, it is natural that we must fulfill our obligations.” It can not be expected unilaterally. We will definitely try to fulfill our obligations.

Regarding the issues raised regarding the possibility of terminating the brokerage contract that he signed with Persepolis during Majid Sadri’s administration, Darvish said: “I do not know about this.” We are going to talk to the legal members of the club tomorrow and I do not know if this is the case because the broker has not signed a contract with the club and is independent.

He added: “I was in contact with Majid Sadri and he announced that he was ready to do whatever he could to get Persepolis done.”

The CEO of Persepolis said about the debts of this club, such as Tala Osaguna and Padideh Club: “There are several cases and we must follow up all issues seriously in order to solve the problems.”

Darvish replied that some of the great veterans of Persepolis club, such as Ali Daei and Ali Parvin, have approved of him: “All these loved ones and even some independent friends love me.” I hope we have the ability to repay the love of them all.

He explained that as a manager who has worked in the country’s sports for many years, there are many expectations from him: “I hope we will meet all the expectations so that the hearts of the fans will be happy and we will send the players to the field with heart.”

The vice-president of the board of directors of Persepolis stated about his most important goal in this club: to restore calm to the football team and make the fans happy. Our most important goal is first and foremost to refresh the team and make the air happy now.

Darvish said that Sadri was supposed to pay another part of the players’ contract before his separation from Persepolis and whether he would do it himself as soon as possible: “I found out about this in a meeting with the team members and we have to plan this Do.

Regarding the elimination of Persepolis from the Asian Champions League, he noted: “Following up on this issue is an administrative procedure.” The Ministry of Sports, the government, the House of People and the members of parliament are determined to pursue this work, and we hope that this problem will be solved as much as possible.

The CEO of Persepolis explained about his transfer plans: “First, a staff player must announce the people he wants and then we must take action in this regard.”

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