New promise of the Minister of Roads / to become a housewife in Tehran with 150 million Tomans!

According to Tejaratnews, from the beginning, the houses of the National Housing Movement were supposed to be free of charge and people would not have to pay for the land. Now Rostam Ghasemi has announced that “a person who lives in Tehran will definitely own a house for 150 million tomans, because the land is free.”

According to Ghasemi, the applicants of the National Housing Movement in Tehran can get a loan of 450 million Tomans and become a housewife with 150 million Tomans in cash.

Ghasemi said this while it was previously said that 50% of the cost of buying a house in the National Housing Movement plan will be provided through loans and the other 50% through applicants. According to the previous promise, the initial income of the applicants should be 450 million Tomans and not 150 million Tomans.

The initial contribution of the National Movement to housing applicants was one of the most critical aspects of the plan. Because many believed that the original purpose of this plan was to house the first to third deciles, and these people did not have the means to buy a house.

Of course, a little later, Mahmoud Mahmoudzadeh, the Deputy Minister of Roads, announced that the deposit made by the applicants for the housing project should be done in four to five stages. He had said that the initial amount brought by the applicants, the first, second and third deciles, is 20 million Tomans, and this amount is 40 million Tomans for the next deciles.

Of course, the deputy minister did not say whether the deposit was the same or different at each stage. But according to the Minister of Roads, this can be said to be different at each stage.

But the important point is whether the total amount brought by the applicants to buy a house is 150 million Tomans or more.

Another criticism of the plan is the issue of its installments. Although the installments of 4 to 5 million Tomans are high for the applicants of this plan, today the Minister of Roads said that “the 10 million Tomans installment of housing is a small amount.” He said given the inflation above 40%, the 18% profit itself is an advantage.

Another point is that the facility is 20 years old. Today, if a person receives this 18% loan and pays, for example, five million tomans, considering the inflation of our country for the next 15 years, paying installments of 10 million tomans is not a significant figure. At the same time, we make sure that the applicants pay the installments in stages.

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