One million lands to be annexed to rural areas – Tejaratnews

According to Tejarat News, referring to the rural contexts, Majid Jodi added: To encourage reverse migration to the villages, land will be given with a 99-year lease to those who qualify. Eligible persons can also use housing construction facilities.

The deputy of the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation said: These people can use the rural loan of 350 million tomans with a 5% fee, and they can also take advantage of the 550 million toman loan of the National Housing Movement.

Jodi announced: It is planned to add one million lands to rural areas in 2 years (1402 and 1403).

He said: So far, 200,000 plots of land have been planned and even in some provinces such as Qom, plots of land have been handed over, and in other provinces they will be handed over in turn.

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