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One roof and two airs in the rice market

According to Fars news agency, the rice market has experienced many fluctuations in recent years, and according to experts, the most important reason for these events is the inability to regulate the market of this basic commodity.
A review of the events of the rice market in recent years shows that many wrong decisions and policies have been adopted in this area, which has fueled the disturbances and the increase in its price.
For example, last year, when the amount of rice production in the country decreased by more than 30% due to drought, import permission was not given during the domestic rice harvesting season, and due to the shortage, the price of rice increased sharply, so that the price per kilogram of Iranian rice It increased from about 40 thousand tomans to more than 100 thousand tomans and has remained at the same price until now.
Also, this year, when according to experts, the state of domestic product production is favorable and rice should not have been imported, the government canceled the seasonal import ban, which caused significant damage to both the foreign and domestic rice markets.
In this regard and considering that the root of all the disturbances was caused by the lack of a single trustee for the strategic commodity of rice; The Association of Rice Producers and Suppliers was formed and officially started today.
So far, several organizations are active in the field of rice production and import in the country, but the lack of alignment and integration of these associations has led to the failure to achieve the desired goals, and rice production and trade has suffered a lot because of this.
Therefore, the formation of an association of rice producers and suppliers, which consists of leading farmers, large chain stores, and well-known traders of this product, can help the government in regulating the market of this basic commodity and help to have a more balanced market in this area. to be

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