Pakhtakor was the best team in our group / I learned not to wish a team باز loses or برد wins

Mizan News Agency – Muharram Navidkia, Head coach Sepahan Isfahan In a press conference after meeting with پختاکور Uzbekistan From the fifth week of the Asian Champions League, he made speeches, the excerpt of which is read below:

* To be fair, Pakhtakor was the best team in our group in terms of the type of game. This team always lost the results despite the game. I understand them because this has happened to me too. They played well in the first half. Congratulations to their coach on this modern game.

* The game was balanced in the first half. Because it was the last chance, both teams did their best to control the game. Fair; The opponent played a little better than us. In the first half, they had good opportunities in the first 20 minutes. We played in a hurry and lost a lot of space in the center of the field. We gave Pakhtakor good chances, but then we decided to take big risks with the changes and try our luck as much as possible.

* Because of these risks, we gave the opponent a very good 3-4 chance, but I am very happy that we were able to use the many chances we created. I’m glad we were able to get back to the tournament at the last minute and we still have a chance. This can be very promising for our next game.

* We knew that their right and left defenses were trying to attack, so we took a big risk. The reality of football is that we could have lost this game, but we took a risk and we hoped until the last minute that our risk would pay off, and that happened. This is the nature of football and when the team wins, I become the best coach, but I want to congratulate Pakhtakor for this good football. They could have won this game.

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* I have always learned in football not to wish for a team to lose or win, I can only let that game (the Saudi-Al-Duhail Qatar match) end and reorganize my team. Whatever happens in that game is the best thing for us and we have to prepare ourselves for the last game with all our being.

Shahbazzadeh: Sensitivity did not allow us to do well in the first half

Sajjad Shahbazzadeh Selected as the best player of the match between Sepahan Iran and Pakhtakor Uzbekistan, he said in a press conference after the match: “Given that both teams could only stay in the group table with a victory, the game was very sensitive and maybe this sensitivity did not allow Have a good performance in the first half. The game continued to have many positive points; We fought until the end and played very well. When the result was one-on-one, if Pakhtakor had not played football, we would not have been able to create the situation. The opponent also wanted to win and this helped us to keep the game going and to have a chance.

End of message /

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