Percentage change in rent in Karaj / more than 60% increase in rent in Andisheh and Hashtgerd

According to Tejarat News, based on the ads posted on the wall, apartment rents in the advertised neighborhoods of Karaj have increased by 53.4% ​​in September of this year compared to October of last year and by 0.4% compared to September of this year. To be more precise, the average rental price for an 80-meter apartment of 2 to 5 years old, in the advertisements of Karaj wall in advertised neighborhoods, was 5 million and 300 thousand Tomans in September of this year and 3 million and 600 thousand Tomans in October of last year.

How many meters from the roof?

The story of rooftop sales in Tehran has been raised for many years, and this issue is more prominent in some areas of Tehran.

Although officials have said in the past that they will address the issue, the problem remains.

Nasser Amani, a member of the Tehran City Council, says in this regard: Have you ever heard of an alley with no name or number? Not in all parts of the country, but in the center of Tehran; In the old and forgotten neighborhood of Shemiran No, Lavizan’s neighbor, people whose voices are not heard.

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