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Peyman Jabali’s statements about the death of Mehsa Amini, the car out of turn and the censorship of radio and television

In an interview with the body of this organization, the head of the Broadcasting Organization commented on the national media’s approach to dealing with the death of Mahsa Amini, as well as the claim that the broadcasting company received a car outside of the rules from one of the automobile companies, censorship in the media, etc. has done.

Charso Press: In recent hours, a video of Peyman Jabali’s interview with the new media section of Jam Jam Online (Jam Plus) has been published online, which shows that during this interview, the full version of which has not yet been published, the head of the broadcasting organization gave explanations about the recent events. The national media says.

Jabali has been the head of the Broadcasting Organization since Mehr 1400, and less than two years have passed since his presidency.

He explained about the death of Mehsa Amini and the need to take over the first narrative in the media: In order to stop the false accusation that Ms. Mehsa Amini was killed due to beatings, the CCTV images of the center that He had gone there, he was available to the national media; Well, this happened for several days.

The head of Sedavsima has also explained the claim of Sedavsima’s action in receiving a car out of the rules from one of the automobile companies, which has been called “false” many times by the public relations of this media: During my time, not even one car was illegally delivered to The broadcasting organization is not entered.

He has also stated about the necessity of multiple voices in the national media: “We don’t really intend to paint a part of the society.”

Jabali also emphasized: “Ultimately, the evolutionary path followed in any device may not be liked by some.”

According to the announcement, the full course of this conversation will be published on Saturday – May 30 – in written form (newspaper and website) and also on the platform of cyberspace.

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