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Pompeo: Biden’s policy is bad for the Middle East and America

The former Republican US Secretary of State wrote on his Twitter account: As the Secretary of State, I clearly stated that Israel is our most important ally in the Middle East.

This radical American politician added: “Biden treats Israel like an enemy, not a reliable friend.” Instead, he strengthens Iran. This policy is bad for Middle East peace and American security.

He also said that the vast majority of Americans are dissatisfied with Biden’s management of the economy. This is a message to Biden that he should change his path, but he is not paying attention.

The former US Secretary of State continued: A president who does not pay attention to the wishes of the American people is not worthy of their trust or vote.

This is while the President of the United States, who was speaking at a joint press conference with the Interim Prime Minister of the Zionist regime Yair Lapid on Thursday, after Iran signed the statement by repeating the claim of a diplomatic approach towards the Islamic Republic of Iran, claimed: We will not allow Iran get nuclear weapons.

Biden claimed that preventing a nuclear Iran is in the vital security interests of Israel and the United States, as well as in the interest of the world.

The President of the United States also said regarding the sanctions lifting negotiations: We are not going to wait forever.

US President Joe Biden and Israel’s Acting Prime Minister Yair Lapid signed a joint statement regarding the status of the “strategic partnership”, part of which includes the official commitment of the US and this regime regarding the constant anti-Iranian claim of preventing Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Is.

In this joint statement, which was published on the White House website on Thursday, it is stated that in line with the long-standing security relations between the United States and Israel and Washington’s firm commitment to the security of this regime, and especially to maintaining its military superiority, Washington is committed to maintaining and It emphasizes strengthening Tel Aviv’s ability to deter its adversaries and defend itself against any threat or combination of threats.

The Qatar talks were held on the 7th and 8th of July, after a three and a half month hiatus following the Vienna talks, between Iran and the United States indirectly and with the facilitation of the European Union.

Continuing their blame game, the American officials insist on showing Iran as the cause of the delay in reaching the final agreement and the possible failure of the negotiations, while Tehran has set its demands based on the 2014 agreement and the experience of the western side’s violation of the covenant.

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