Possibility of growing dollar shares / buying queue in automobile and banking stocks

According to Tejarat News, the stock market grew by more than 15,000 units today, Saturday, in the middle hours of the market, under the influence of Borjam news, and the index reached the range of 1,296,000 units.

Today, with the arrival of Grossi in Iran, the negotiating signals had a greater impact on stock exchange transactions. Automotive and banking groups have the largest shopping queue so far.

Shasta, Khodro, Khosapa, Vatjarat, Shepna, Shatran and Shebandar were included in the list of most traded symbols of the stock exchange. The symbols Kachad, Shasta, Famli, Shepdis, Vaghdir, Webmelt and Khodro also had a positive effect on the overall stock index.

Nima Mirzaei, a capital market expert, told Tejarat News: “Today’s market, affected by the good news, can face the relative demand of the banks and the transportation group with a higher relative demand in Rial shares.” Also, in the market as a whole, fluctuating trends and continued confusion and ambiguity of traders can be expected.

He explains: “In the medium term, the recent war in Russia has led to a massive rise in commodity prices, which promises to be profitable for dollar companies in the coming season.” We must also keep in mind that given the price cap on gas prices, the income of these companies (provided the current price range is maintained), can be higher than expected by stock market participants, and sooner or later we will see the market re-luck with such dollar and profitable shares.

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