Possible postponement of the national championship wrestling tournament due to the president’s trip – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, the national championship freestyle wrestling competitions and the first stage of the national team selection cycle are scheduled to be held on January 14th and 14th, hosted by the city of Gorgan in Golestan province. Based on this, the contenders from all over the country have a special view on these competitions so that they can officially enter the selection cycle and finally achieve the national team runner-up.

According to this, Mohammad Hossein Mallah, the head of the Golestan Province Wrestling Board, in an interview with the public relations of the Wrestling Federation, announcing that 32 provinces will participate in these competitions, said: “We will do our best to be a good host of this important event.” Fortunately, we have the history and experience of holding the World Children’s Day competitions and the country’s youth championship, and we hosted league matches for two seasons. Obviously, if there is no problem and the sponsors have more cooperation and also the Corona headquarters issues a license, we are fully prepared to host the tournament.

In the end, he announced the possibility of postponing the national championship freestyle wrestling competitions and said: “Ayatollah Seyyed Ibrahim Ra’isi’s provincial trip will probably be on the same date as the competitions, and if this date is confirmed, we will have to hold the competitions a week later.” Of course, the exact date of the president’s visit is not yet known, but if it is finalized, we will have the necessary coordination with the federation and the provinces.

According to the head of the Golestan Province Wrestling Board, the estimated cost of hosting these competitions is estimated at about one billion Tomans, of which 500 million Tomans will be provided by the Wrestling Board and the rest will be provided by environmental advertising and assistance from the General Directorate of Sports and Youth.


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