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Mothers do not forget themselves / What to do to be a lively mother

Family group:Proper motherhood and parenting do not mean forgetting oneself, every mother, regardless of her motherly role, has an identity for herself that must be nurtured in order to be self-satisfied. So no mother should forget herself and somehow drown in her child.

But what can mothers do to not forget themselves? In this report, we present some examples of solutions that can be exploited for mothers:

1. Do not let your child grow old

We have heard from many mothers that after having children, they become depressed and forget about themselves at all, and only get to do things related to the child, no longer caring at all about themselves and their appearance. You should not let childbearing make you old. It is true that the tasks related to the child are very many and time consuming, but you should also reach out to yourself, wear happy and colorful clothes, touch your hair and take care of your appearance to make yourself happy.

Many mothers even say that their teeth have been decayed for a long time or that they feel a problem in their body or they even cry involuntarily, but do not see a doctor, these are not good signs to continue a happy and healthy parenting because your time Do not be happy, your child does not feel happy, your child definitely needs a happy and cheerful mother. So come to yourself and pay attention to yourself.

2. Eat breakfast like a queen

Mothers know that when they wake up in the morning, they have so much work to do that sometimes they forget about themselves, it is noon and they have not eaten anything. .

So when you wake up in the morning, do not tell me to do my work first and then eat something! Eat breakfast like a queen.

3. Exercise

After childbirth, many do not care about themselves and their body health. But a happy and lively mother is someone who also creates an opportunity for exercise and fitness, whether going to a club or home exercise and proper diet can be beneficial for you.

So exercise with your children every day and achieve yourself.

Mothers do not forget themselves / What to do to be a lively mother

4. Pay for yourself

Sometimes parents, by having children, spend less on things like buying clothes or things they need, because whenever they remember, they want to fill in the gaps in their children’s things, and every time they go shopping, they constantly Kids buy. Be one of those mothers who pay for yourself, now you need to have new clothes and change your mood.

So instead of constantly buying clothes for your baby, although it is good when needed, but also buy for yourself, this will change your mood completely. Because women know how much change women can have by buying.

5. Do your homework with a good feeling

All women work from home, from babysitting to cooking and other things. But some women keep complaining. But others do things with a good sense of humor. So try to be one of those women who do their job in a good mood and like a housewife, not with humiliation. It all comes down to your attitude and how you look at life, so try to change the way you look at it.

Now that you have children, your responsibilities have increased, but this is not a reason for you to be in a bad mood. go.

Mothers do not forget themselves / What to do to be a lively mother

6. Spread your energy at home

As mentioned in the previous issue, your good and bad energy and mood are spread at home and passed on to family members. So try to make happy music when cooking, playing with children, tidying the house and other things, invite children to this joy and make yourself feel good.

Sometimes you can even prepare and eat ready-made meals, without having to put a lot of energy in the kitchen, relax more, and instead spread your positive energy at home.

7. Smile at your spouse and children

Every day when you wake up, do not say wow another day, but say what a good and happy day I can do today to make everyone feel good. So start with a morning smile and give it to your spouse and child.

8. Sometimes delegate

Husbands do not like to help their wives sometimes. So you can sometimes leave things to your spouse when you are very tired, go for a walk, exercise or even rest in your room so your exhausted energy returns to normal.

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