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Practical experience of removing dollars from non-commercial and tourist exchanges

According to Iran Economist, citing the public relations of the Central Bank, Mohammad Reza Farzin, the Governor General of the Central Bank, in a message, thanked all the participants and organizers of Hosseini Arbaeen and gave special appreciation to the prudent management of the foreign exchange officials of the Central Bank, the managers of the banks that sell the Arbaeen currency, the Ministry of Interior and All the organizations stated: Arbaeen currency services were provided by the country’s banking network this year with some basic differences from previous years.

The Governor General of the Central Bank considered the supply of Arbaeen currency by 6 major banks of the country in the form of 1790 urban and rural branches as an important step and said: This year, for the first time, the procedures for receiving Arbaeen currency have been simplified and an effort has been made to provide a greater share of services through offline systems. accept

Farzin clarified: since months ago, dinar resources were provided for the supply of Arbaeen currency for Iranian pilgrims in the world’s largest gathering, and for the first time, instead of dollars and euros, the currency of the destination country was used.

The Governor General of the Central Bank added: The officials of this bank had made an accurate estimate of the dinar resources needed until the end of Arbaeen Hosseini’s trip months ago, and with careful planning, the services of Arbaeen currency supply at the same rate and without any shortage in all branches and during Days of the week were provided. During Hosseini’s Arbaeen days, everyone witnessed that this smart move caused the price of Dinar to decrease in the informal market.

He further emphasized: The model used, which fortunately was satisfied by the visitors of Arbaeen Hosseini and various officials of the country, can be used for other countries in the region as well.

The Governor General of the Central Bank added: Currently, our country’s commodity transactions with other countries are generally carried out in Euro, Dirham, Yuan, Ruble, Rupee and Dinar currencies, but in the case of tourism and non-commercial transactions, Euro and Dollar are still the dominant currencies, which is the practical experience of eliminating the dollar. Among the non-commercial and touristic exchanges, this year’s Arbaeen took place for the first time in the country.

Farzin pointed out: Based on this, extending the satisfactory experience of using the local currency in this year’s Arbaeen Hosseini to other countries in the region is an issue that is being examined by experts and operational planning, and God willing, you will see its implementation soon.

The Governor General of the Central Bank also thanked the media for the timely announcement of the Arbaeen currency and said: The satisfaction of this year’s Arbaeen visitors is a great honor for my colleagues in the country’s banking system, and on this basis, I sincerely thank each and every one of them for their hard work and efforts.

Appreciating the efforts of everyone involved in organizing Arbaeen Hosseini, he emphasized: I am very grateful for the wise management of the Central Bank’s foreign exchange colleagues and the managers of foreign currency selling banks, the Ministry of Interior, Sardar Vahidi, and especially Sardar Mirahmadi, the head of the Arbaeen headquarters.

Therefore, according to the latest official announcement of the Central Bank, one million and 80 thousand pilgrims of Arbaeen Hosseini this year obtained their needed currency in the form of dinars through 6 operating banks. Based on this, in general, the amount of Arbaeen currency distributed this year was 4 times the last year.

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