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Predicting the stability and profitability of Sina Insurance in 1402

According to the report of financial news, citing the public relations and international affairs of Sina Insurance, Abdullah Soltani Thani, the CEO of Sina Insurance, in the Nowruz meeting on April 14, 1402, announced the company’s serious determination to achieve the developed plans and said: in 1401, all Colleagues worked hard to make Sina Insurance proud, so that the company’s plans and strategies to get out of the difficult situation came to fruition, which was achieved by the grace of Almighty God.

The CEO of Sina Insurance explained the actions of 1401 and added: Last year for Sina Insurance was accompanied by ups and downs, some of the problems that this company was struggling with for years were resolved with redoubled efforts, and we hope With the seriousness applied in different parts of the company, the coming year will be a fruitful year for the big family of Sina Insurance.

The Vice Chairman of the Sina Insurance Board of Directors stated: Sina Insurance is well-known, transparent and law-abiding, and we all must try to preserve this valuable heritage and take strong steps to reach our true position in the insurance industry with redoubled efforts. to do well towards the beneficiaries as well as the economic development and prosperity of the country.

Referring to the plans drawn up in 1402, the CEO of Sina Insurance added: Diversification of the product portfolio, accurate calculations, recognition, monitoring and analysis of the market and control topics are some of the company’s priorities this year, which should be followed seriously. Profitability is the most important priority of an economic enterprise, so we must use all legal tools in this direction.

Soltani Thani emphasized: 1402 will be a very important year for our country in various economic and social fields, and we at Sina Insurance will double our efforts to achieve organizational goals.

He said: In the national arena, the occurrence of all kinds of opportunities and challenges will definitely be faster and more frequent than in the past. We hope that the people in charge will turn opportunities into opportunities and challenges into opportunities with purposeful guidance and proper management, in which case the upcoming successes will be rapid.

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