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Preparation of the health network for the national day of “Population” – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr news agency, quoted from Sima information base, Zohra Elhian and Amirhossein Bankipour, members of parliament, head of the population staff of the Ministry of Health, head of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, who won the top rank in the field of population, and one of the women doctors of the country who recorder do childbirth It is normal in the country, and two of the country’s singers are among the guests of Jamiat Day on Salamat Network.

The “Mother of the Child” program, which is broadcast live from 9:00 a.m. for 45 minutes, tomorrow, Saturday, with the invitation of female experts and specialists, including Maryam Zinali, a psychologist and university professor of related topics. having children, raising children, pregnancy health, the benefits of pregnancy at a young age and the disadvantages of abortion will be presented to the audience of the program. The audience’s questions will also be answered in this program.

The “Zarban” program, which is broadcast daily and live from 16:00 for 45 minutes, on the 30th of May, with the invitation of Mohammadreza Nowrozi, a kidney and urinary tract surgeon, examines the topics related to male infertility, azoospermia and varicocele. .

The “Hal Khoob” program, which is broadcast daily and live from 21:00 for 45 minutes, on National Population Day, with the invitation of experts and psychology experts on the topic of “The influence of children on their growth and development in the family environment” with the presence of Dr. Hassanvand, a member of the board The scientist of Allameh Tabatabai University examines; In the past days, this program has presented the psychological trauma of abortion and childless families, the disadvantages of having only one child in families, etc. to the audience.

“Pangere Baz” which is broadcast daily from 20:00 for 45 minutes, on this day introduces the books published in the field of population and childbearing and talks with Dr. Nasser Parvaneh, Human Resources Manager and Shahid University of Medical Sciences. Beheshti, a poet and writer, distributes books with his son at the exhibition.

“Bela Be Door” which is broadcast daily and produced, on May 30th, in its special program with the theme of the youth of the population, with the presence of children’s book satirical publishers and satirical and humorous poets, will discuss this topic in the form of poetry and prose poetry in a space. Tanam and together with the judges of the program, he talks at the book fair.

“Kashik Salamat”, which will be broadcast live 3 days a week, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, from 6:00 p.m. for 45 minutes, with the invitation of experts and specialists, including Dr. Fatemeh Mohammad Beigi, head of the Islamic Council’s Population Committee.

Topics related to abortion, aging crisis and population youth law are discussed and analyzed with the presence of representatives of the judiciary and legislature.

“Positive Health” which is broadcast daily and live as an MC on the Salamat Network; From the beginning of National Population Day at 8:30 with the invitation of Mrs. Dr. Zohra Elahian (Representative of the Parliament) and at 10:00 for one hour and also from 13:00 for 120 minutes with the invitation as well as telephone communication with relevant experts and officials. It presents topics related to the population youth law, having children, raising children, pregnancy health and the harms of abortion to the audience of the program.

“Health Documentary”, which broadcasts foreign documentaries on the subject of health on a daily basis at 10 p.m., will broadcast the foreign documentary “Population Winter” in two parts on May 29 and 30.

During this week, Salamat Network also aired documentaries such as “Children”, “9 months of waiting”, “Life before birth”, “Purgatory of loneliness”, “Iran of 200 million”, “Crisis of population”, “Khasan Koufeha” , “Maternal experience”, “Merbanu” and… has depicted the issues of childbearing, pregnancy health, the disadvantages of population reduction, old age, low population families in scientific, social and governance dimensions in the world.

With the coordination of the Film and Screening Council of the Vice-Chair of Cima, it has been decided that the movies “Birth” and “Don’t be shy” will be shown on the schedule of Salamat Network’s broadcast programs on the National Population Day on May 30th at 11:00 am and 11:00 pm. These films will be broadcast with Persian subtitles for the use of dear deaf and hard of hearing people.

The health network broadcasts live images from hospitals and maternity centers all over the country about the birth of babies and the feelings of fathers and mothers who have been blessed with children.

Also, among the programs with the titles “Rostyha”, “Here the family lives”, “Namakistan”, “Higher than the smile”, “Charag Khoune”, “In the process”, “Intellectual”, “Special opportunity for the crowd”, ” Another Paradise”, “Reaction”, “Children’s World”, “Children’s Language” and … in the formats of animation, memenal, infographic, short show; A happy, fun, diverse and attractive atmosphere is presented to the audience.

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