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Preparing radio for the Fajr decade / Celebrating the makers of the health system and Corona

According to Fars News Agency, Sedigheh Etemad Saeed, director of Salamat Radio, explained in this regard: On the occasion of the Fajr decade, Salamat Radio Network intends to appreciate the health-oriented programs of radio networks on the achievements of the health system and Corona.

He continued: “Interested people can send their works from January 26 to February 25 through the website of Radio Salamat at” The templates we have considered for this competition are defined in structures such as reporting document, new csa, psa and mini-feature structures.

In general, Salamat Radio organizes various scans and competitions on the subject of health throughout the year. Now, on the occasion of the Fajr decade, we decided to appreciate health-oriented programs, because radio can be a suitable and credible reference for listeners and answers questions that they have in the field of health.

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