Price increase for Pride, Tiba, Peugeot 206 and Dena / car prices today, October 3rd

According to Tejarat News, in the domestic car market, car prices increased on Monday, October 3rd. The price of a large number of cars increased. The price of Pride 111 reached 154 million Tomans again and also the price of Pride 132 increased by one million Tomans to 133 million Tomans. A number of Tiba models also had price increases.

The price of Peugeot 206 Type Two increased to 246 million Tomans, but Type 5, which was accompanied by a price increase yesterday, did not change its price today.

Peugeot Pars LX had a price increase of 303 million Tomans and Peugeot 207 sedan was one of those cars that had a price increase.

The price of ordinary Dena increased by 322 million Tomans and the price of Dena Plus automatic model 1400 increased to 460 million Tomans.

The final complement to car imports

Reza Shiva, the head of the Competition Council, once again defended the import of cars into the country in his last press conference yesterday, and believed that if we are looking to create competition in the car market, the government should reduce the price of cars entering the country. Slowly

According to the chairman of the Competition Council, however, the import of cars should be targeted and only products that are able to compete with domestic products in terms of price should be allowed.

The official was opposed to the import of luxury cars and believed that by importing products that could compete with the products of car companies, we should somehow take the market out of the current monopoly and provide the ground for its competitiveness. He announced that the situation should be reduced by reducing tariffs as well as the import of second-hand cars with a maximum life of three years, so that these imports in terms of price would lead to competition with the factory prices of products manufactured by car companies.

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At present, the situation of car companies, both in the production sector and in the supply sector, is not good. In its last two reports, “Dunya-e-Eqtesad” examined the production and sales situation of automobile companies based on the information published on the Cadal website of the Exchange Organization. These studies show that at the end of the first half of this year, car companies have not been able to resume production as they should and perhaps have, and by the end of September, they are about 24% behind the macro policy policy plan for this year. (The Ministry of Silence’s task was to produce 1.1 million units for the country’s two largest automakers this year.) Realize production.

An examination of the automakers’ sales situation also shows that they have not been able to keep their supply to the market bullish during the 6-month period, and their supply to the market has been accompanied by fluctuations. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly – and why they’re doing so poorly. The first culprit is the lack of liquidity in car companies. The policy of orderly pricing and pricing of car manufacturers’ products by the Competition Council. Last year, when the seasonal pricing policy was implemented in the first 9 months of the year, the performance of automakers in the supply sector was better, but with the change in the price range of factories from 3 months to 6 months, the supply sheet returned and automakers could not in the first 6 months of this year. Launch last year to launch their products.

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While in September of this year, compared to the previous month, we are witnessing a 23% growth in the supply of cars to the market, but if the amount of supply in September with the first month of the summer season, which is a peak in car sales in the mentioned period Compare, we will see a drop of about 28% in car supply. Therefore, in a situation where domestic automakers can not manage their production and supply in a way that leads the market to a stable path, it seems that the proposed path of the chairman of the Competition Council can be put on the agenda of the Ministry of Silence as a major automaker.

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