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According to Tejarat News, in the table below, you can see the daily prices of the cheapest used cars in the open market.

Relative price stability in the car market

The price of the car in the market on Tuesday and the beginning of the market today, October 5, was accompanied by price stability. The price of many cars in the market has not changed.

According to Tejarat News, the price changes in the domestic car market on Tuesday and the beginning of Wednesday, October 5, were very small, and almost all domestic cars were price stable and did not register any increase or decrease.

The price of Pride Pride 111 car is 154 million Tomans and Pride 132 is 133 million Tomans.

Peugeot Pars LX has been registered with a price of 303 million Tomans. The price of a regular Dena is 322 million Tomans and the price of a Dena Plus automatic model 1400 is 460 million Tomans.

It is recommended to read the full text of the report on relative price stability in the car market.

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