Pride and Peugeot price reduction / Which cars were associated with price reduction?

According to Tejarat News, on Saturday, the price of domestic cars was accompanied by a decrease in prices, and a large number of cars were accompanied by a decrease in prices.

The price of Pride 111 reached 152 million Tomans, the price of Pride 131 reached 137 million Tomans and Pride 132 reached 131 million Tomans.

The price of Peugeot 206 type two models 1400 to 250 million Tomans, Peugeot 206 sedan to 305 million Tomans and 207 gear car to 350 million Tomans. A number of Peugeot Pars Group cars on Saturday recorded a price reduction of one to three million Tomans.

Tiba hatchback was registered at 159 million Tomans and Tiba hatchback at 141 million Tomans. Ordinary Dena and Dena Plus cars were reduced in price by two to three million Tomans.

Chinese car prices fall in the market / Which domestic cars became cheaper?

In line with the news of foreign car imports, the price of some Iranian cars and assembly is expected to be cheaper, but studies show that the market has not yet reacted to the car reorganization plan.

But can domestic car prices be expected to fall in price? Farbod Zaveh, an expert in the car market, told Tejarat News: “Only the approval of the plan to liberalize car imports will not reduce the price of domestic cars.” Because neither the price of currency has decreased nor the overhead costs of production have changed. But if on the one hand the import of cars increases and on the other hand the supply of domestic cars increases, the market situation may be regulated and domestic cars in the open market may become a little cheaper.

Will the price of foreign cars be halved?

Is it possible to halve the price of foreign cars by liberalizing imports? Zaveh told Tejarat News: “With the implementation of the import plan, the supply of cars that were stored in the parking lot will increase to the market.” This has a psychological effect on the foreign car market. Of course, luxury cars are expected to fall in price by about 10 to 15 percent in April 1401.

Zaveh explained: the note related to the intervention of the Competition Council has not been removed in the plan to organize the car market. If this note is removed or government interference in the import of foreign cars is reduced, foreign cars may become more than 50% cheaper next year.

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