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Prohibition of the State Penitentiary Organization from interfering in insurance claims

Davood Karami, the legal director of Kosar Insurance, said: “The officials of this company are always trying to create the right legal foundations in the insurance industry, and its legal effects can inevitably be beneficial for all insurance companies.”

Davood Karami praised the colleagues of the legal unit of the company and said: “After various hearings in the courts of first instance, appellate courts and the Court of Administrative Justice, which was formed to hear an insurance lawsuit in Golestan province, finally with the efforts and expertise of colleagues, we were able to To persuade to vote in favor of Kosar Insurance.

He called the incident an achievement for the entire insurance industry and said: “According to this ruling issued by Branch 5 of the Court of Appeals of the Court of Administrative Justice, the State Penitentiary Organization has no jurisdiction to hear insurance claims.” Therefore, according to this ruling, the State Penitentiary Organization of the country does not have a legal license to enter into insurance claims, and because of this, many lawsuits and lawsuits that were created for the insurance industry will be resolved.

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