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Proper introduction of a tourist destination requires international interactions

Sajjad Shalikar, CEO of Rad Safar Company, on the sidelines of the Fitour 2022 International Tourism Exhibition, which is being held in Madrid, Spain, said that this year he will participate in Fitor for the second time this year. “The reception of international companies active in the field of tourism is impressive despite the Corona pandemic,” he said. “This is a point of hope for the resurgence of the tourism industry in the world.”
He considered the appropriate and attractive introduction of the destination to be necessary in attracting tourists, and considered attending international exhibitions as the best opportunity to establish constructive interaction with the tourism partners of the tourism industry.
“By attending such events and holding joint meetings with tour operators, tourism activists and tourists from different countries, mutual trust can be built and this special opportunity can be used to boost the tourism industry,” Shalikar added.
“Despite all the problems we faced during the Corona era, as well as the successive suspension of tourism activities with tolerance and resilience, today we are ready to resume operations with vigor,” Rad Safar’s CEO concluded.
Fitor Spain International Tourism Exhibition, which started on January 20 with the presence of the Iran Tourism and Automobile Association of 14 companies from our country in Madrid, Spain, will continue until February 24.


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