Providing a principal guarantee fund by a useful brokerage

The agreement of the Exchange Organization in principle with the activity of this type of fund has been issued in order to provide a legal basis for offering new products to the Iranian capital market.

The Equity Guarantee Fund, which will be accepted by Mofid Portfolio in the near future, guarantees the most important investment risk in the stock market, ie maintaining the principal capital in different market conditions.

The design of this new type of fund is designed in response to the concerns of low-risk investors as well as new investors to the capital market so that they can invest without worrying that their principal capital will be exposed to risk.

The most important difference between a principal guarantee fund and a fixed income fund is the way these funds are invested. The fund will operate in a mixed format, so it will invest in both stocks and fixed income securities. This type of activity allows investors to have benefits such as fixed income funds in terms of risk acceptance and to be close to equity funds in terms of benefiting from returns.

Mofid Portfolio currently has 12 investment funds of different types such as equity, mixed, gold, marketing, fixed income and index, which will soon be added to the diversity of these investment funds with the subscription of the capital guarantee fund, and investors can confidently enter the market. Invest capital.
More details on how to subscribe to this new fund will be released soon.

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