Qanbarzadeh: Sepahan club showed unreasonable and cowardly reactions

According to Tasnim news agency, Mansour Qanbarzadeh said about deducting four points from Isfahan Sepahan club by the disciplinary committee of the Football Federation: I wish victory for Sepahan, Persepolis and Nasaji in the Asian Champions League. After four clubs complained to Sepahan for non-implementation of a part of contract monitoring instructions, this working group did the initial work and we sent the results of the investigations to the disciplinary committee.

Some managers of the corps criticized the disciplinary committee in a cowardly way
Stating that the disciplinary committee acts completely independently, he clarified: After issuing the decision, we got bored and did not want to talk on the eve of Sepahan’s participation in the Asian Champions League. After the decision of the disciplinary committee, some officials of the Sepahan club made unreasonable protests and used literature such as “the interference of mafia managers in these decisions”. In a cowardly way, they criticized the disciplinary committee and these talks are followed up in the ethics committee.

6 Sepahan players do not have the right to participate in the Premier League until they amend their contracts
The vice president of the Football Federation stated that the disciplinary committee should be responsible for the above decision, and noted that the members of the committee said that if the complainant clubs had protested 24 hours after the game, the situation would have been different. Because these complaints were made after 24 hours, one point was deducted from Sepahan for each game. The six influential players of Sepahan, who signed unreasonable contracts in the second season compared to the first season, do not have the right to participate in the Premier League until they amend their contracts.

More was expected from Sepahan club
Ghanbarzadeh, who was talking to the “Sports and People” program of One Sima channel, criticized Mohammad Reza Saket and said: More was expected from Sepahan club. The CEO of this club is a member of the board of the federation and is familiar with the rules. Any protest should be followed through legal channels and there is a right to appeal, but they reacted like a machine gun against the Disciplinary Committee, the Football Federation, the members of the Federation and the working group that reported.


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