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Qom province management will continue to focus on industry, work and employment

According to the IRNA correspondent, Seyed Mohammad Taghi Shahcheraghi said in a sympathy meeting with a group of Qom entrepreneurs on Sunday evening at one of the industrial units in Shokohiyeh Industrial Town: “We announced from the first day we arrived that if we could do something,” , We will do it.

The governor of Qom, addressing the producers of the province, noted: “Apart from all the problems that were raised, there are also glimmers of hope that if the obstacles are removed, we will see the growth and development of the province.”

Shahcheraghi went on to say that the direction of the country is to solve the problems and issues: part of these problems go back to the law that should be tried in its place, and part is related to the regulations of upstream organizations.

He reminded that the country’s macro-orientations in various fields, finance and banking resources are moving towards transfer: in the field of missions and responsibilities that should have been pursued only in the center of the country, all efforts are to be pursued in the provinces. This is our approach as well, so the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization and the Industrial Estates Company are expected to take steps to resolve the issues.

The governor of Qom, stating that the executive team of the province in the thirteenth government, has just been completed, noted: “Where it was possible to follow up on the problems, we followed up and reached a result.”

Emphasizing that the resolutions of the province’s facilitation and removal of obstacles barriers should be assigned, he said: “Anyone who has taken land in the province’s industrial estates should clarify his duties. 100 hectares of land cannot be annexed to the settlements every day.”

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He continued: in the development of industrial estates, the priority is with those to whom the land has been assigned, the estates company will solve it if there is a problem.

The governor of Qom also said that the resolutions of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the government can be followed up: before, everyone had the authority to provide banking facilities to the province, but now it has made some changes and the government insists on reform.

He specified: the volume of facilities that have been seen for the province, as well as a number of capital in circulation that is given to the province in the form of a fund, if its powers are also given, some issues will be solved.

In another part of his speech, referring to the seriousness of the electricity deficit problem in the province, the governor of Qom said: “Industrial units that do not consume heavy electricity should have an idea for independent electricity supply, because the path that started in the discussion of energy production will reach As a result, it takes a long time, electricity is a serious problem, water loss in some dams is below the level required to run a power plant.

The governor of Qom also visited a glass production unit in Shokohiyeh Qom industrial town.

In the symposium of the governor of Qom with a number of entrepreneurs in the province, which was organized at the same time as the entrepreneur’s day, the issues and problems of producers and craftsmen in various fields of water, electricity, gas, banking facilities, insurance, etc. were examined in a cordial atmosphere.

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Qom has seven industrial towns of Shokohiyeh, Al-Ghadir, Publishing, Salafchegan, Mahmoudabad, Samenah Al-Aimeh (AS) – Qanat – and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and four industrial areas of Khorabad, Dastjerd, Siro and Taghroud, each of which in particular The two strategic towns of Shokohiyeh and Mahmoud Abad have a privileged position for the development of investment, production and employment.

The volume of investment made for Qom industrial units is more than 59,000 billion rials, with this volume of investment made in about 2,400 industrial and production units of the province for more than 58,000 tons of employment opportunities.

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