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Radio plays the role of the intellectual leader of the society / speakers who intend to be close – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the public relations of the networks, Sedigheh TrustOn the occasion of the 82nd anniversary of Radio Salamat in Iran, the director of Radio Salamat said: “Contemporary Iranian society is experiencing fundamental changes and transformations in various social fields, including cultural, political and economic.” Conditions commonly referred to as “transitions” and signs دادۀ The collapse of many traditions and norms based on it and درعین Now, the lack of norms and values It is a suitable alternative with new conditions and requirements.

He continued: “In such a situation, the occurrence and spread of social and cultural crises are very common and the general public can see the lack of social cohesion and the resulting cultural disruptions among different individuals and social groups.” Radio media can play an effective role in preserving culture and by using modern technologies as an efficient and effective media in society.

Director of Radio Health with reference to policy ها In order to promote research-based programming, it needs the attention of cultural officials, he said: Radio in the new world of communication can play a role Leader Have an opinion in the community. Reconstructing values ​​and moving in the context of social traditions is one of the most important missions of radio media, which is sometimes met with indifference from image-oriented people. As a provider of healthy lifestyle frameworks for audiences, Health Radio provides general perspectives on the four areas of physical, mental, social, and family health in a spiritual context.

Trust He said: “On the other hand, because the changes and developments in the field of family have serious effects on the current situation of Iranian society, addressing family education is one of the most important priorities of the health radio network.” These tutorials can cover a wide range of family-related topics such as How Establish emotional and sexual relationships in the family, how parents relate to their children, ways to control anger, and ways to manage emotion. Also, in the situation of the corona crisis and the physical and psychological injuries of this crisis, Radio Salamat, along with the community, used the latest scientific information to empower the community to deal with it. after Corona control. Radio day to all my colleagues Congratulations, they are the future makers of our society and our time, and they are fulfilling their media mission in rebuilding values ​​with the least expectation.

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The media that is young and Young It stays

Hamidreza Eftekhari Radio Director Saba He also wrote in a note: “If you are from the radio, the 4th of Ordibehesht has a different meaning for you, the day when Reza Sajjadi was behind the microphone at 7:00 PM. the beginning بکار Announced the warm and friendly media of radio in Iran.

From 1319 until today and in the first days of the new century, radio has been with Iranians, from the days when Johnny Waller He was designing a police riddle, an orchestra گلهای The late Pirnia kept Iranian music alive until Ahmad Shishegaran and Manouchehr Nozari made memorable Friday mornings in the 1960s, or when the late Mehran Doosti voiced Hot On the front radio play It was between the front line and behind the fronts, at night good Small, home and family that have the same relics Era are.

Radio has a different meaning for Iranians be To know what I’m saying, radio means life, radio means boiling, radio means intimacy.

Eighty and Andy It has been since the birth of radio in Iran, but this media is still young and Young It stays. This media, which has been attacked by emerging media at different times, has survived. Radio takes its life energy from its audience. The audience trusts this media, and this trust is the result of the unity and solidarity of the people of radio.

It may be hard to believe, but it is a fact that radio people firmly believe in the phrase “what comes out of the heart must not fall into the heart.” That’s why the radio announcer enters the studio when he is نیت He gets close and leaves everything in his personal life behind the studio to give him what the listener deserves.

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Now, at the beginning of the era of change in the radio and television of the Islamic Republic of Iran, radio is the forerunner of change. Intermediary The rapid nature of this medium has learned to act quickly over time, and it can now be clearly seen that the slogan of justice is being acted upon. Expanded And how is the central identity current in radio, a radio that has been one of the pillars of identity throughout its life? ساز This People have been.

It is the radio that has taken up the banner of building trust and has been a pioneer in creating enthusiasm and spreading hope for the future. His words From the heart برمی It influences the audience.

But in the meantime the radio Saba As the youngest member of the Deputy Voice Radio, who is in his tenth year this year, he is trying to be on the path to fulfilling his motto of “a happy voice”. Step Take it and make your audience happy. This is a fledgling radio that has been well received by radio listeners. Now it has reached structural and content maturity and it is hoped that due to the efforts of its talented manpower, the phenomenon of radios in the Islamic Republic of Iran in سالهای To be ahead.

“Hopefully, thanks to God and the support of the listeners, this dream will come true.”

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