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Radio’s “Shish and Haft” rhythm for the weekends/ Be in the “music” stream – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

Reza Ezzati, producer of the music-oriented programSix Ve Haft, which is produced and broadcast on Saba Radio with a focus on music news, told Mehr reporter: The impact of music in life is beyond people’s belief, in the world we live in with Attention To the problems and concerns in it, the need for the existence of music is seen a lot.

He continued: Music can have a great impact on all aspects of human life, both physically and mentally. In general, it can be said that listening to music along with the work you do will make you not feel tired quickly and easily bear the hardships and difficulties of the work. do.

This producer explains the program a reminder became: “Six And Haft” is a music magazine, which attempts to satirize the music and songs of the weekend. Khushi to bring to the audience.

He added: “Six and Haft” with the rhythm and high energy of the last days week It is presented to the audience, a large part of this energy goes back to the performance of the program, which is the responsibility of one of the people of music, namely Shahram. nicer He is a good musician and singer of our country.

Ezzati said about the different parts of this program: Conversations with singers, composers and music people, review of music news with the performance of journalist Alireza Saeedi, and a humorous music telephone contest with the people of Saba Radio are among the various items of this program that try to make the audience interested in music. and inform them about the events of this area.

Six and Haft” on Thursday and Friday from 18:30 to 19:30, produced by Reza Ezati and narrated by Shahram nicer It is with the audience.

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