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Rai Al-Youm: Cyber ​​attacks have humiliated and confused the Zionist regime

According to IRNA, the Rai Al-Youm newspaper reported that warning and alarm systems sounded in the occupied city of Jerusalem and the city of Eilat in occupied Palestine last Sunday, and Israeli officials acknowledged that this was due to cyber attacks. .

According to the newspaper, the sound of the alarm sounded the threat of the Zionists living in the occupied cities of Jerusalem and Eilat to go to the shelter out of fear.

“What happened practically humiliated the Israelis,” Rai Al-Youm was quoted as saying by Rami Afrati, a retired Zionist general and former head of the Zionist regime’s cyber institute.

Speaking to Israeli television, Afrati added: “We are not talking about a transient event in the two cities of Jerusalem and Eilat, but we are talking about a cyber attack.”

According to the retired Zionist general, the hackers sent a message to the Zionist regime that “we can disrupt daily life in Israel. “What we did was just an experiment to show you that we can paralyze daily life in Israel.”

The news media had previously reported that the siren sounded during the day and at midnight on Sunday, with an interval of several hours in some areas of the occupied city of Jerusalem and the cities of Eilat and Holon in occupied Palestine.

According to the media, the alarm sounded in the occupied city of Quds for about 50 minutes, and the Zionist residents of the cities of Eilat and Holon, like the occupied Quds, went to the shelters for fear of a missile attack.

Various regions of occupied Palestine, especially in recent months, have witnessed numerous cyber attacks on the infrastructure of the Zionist regime.

During this period, several fires have occurred in refineries, military centers, petrochemical facilities and bus terminals of the Zionist regime, which shows the shaky and fragile internal situation of the Zionist regime.

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