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Razi Insurance’s special look at the field of energy and transportation

According to the report of the financial news, citing the public relations and international affairs of Razi Insurance, an intimate meeting of Ali Jabari, the CEO of Razi Insurance, with several journalists was held on the occasion of the beginning of the new year with the presence of specialized journalists of the insurance industry.

On the sidelines of this meeting, Jabari said: According to the analysis of economic variables, there is a lot of hope in the field of economic activities in 1402, and this is despite the fact that last year, due to the decrease in people’s purchasing power, the redemption of life insurance experienced a significant growth.

He stated: The growth rate of life insurance at the level of the insurance industry last year was not so acceptable.

The CEO of Razi Insurance continued: The country has a rich and significant infrastructure, which is considered a competitive advantage compared to the countries of the region and the world, which should solve a significant amount of the country’s current problems by relying on the power of internal forces.

Jabari also mentioned in relation to the activities and planning of Razi Insurance for this year: the company has been monitoring and analyzing the insurance industry, the economy of the country and the target markets for the past months, and according to the information obtained, planning its growing movement has been designed and implemented since the beginning of this year.

This member of the board of directors of Razi Insurance said: The main priority and planning of the company for 1402 is to provide up-to-date services to customers and obtain the satisfaction of policyholders.

In the end, he noted: Razi Insurance Company has a special view on the field of oil, energy and transportation this year.

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