Reactions to start registering a mortgage loan / We need this money but it is not the solution!

According to Tejarat News, registration of applicants Mortgage loan The new one started today (Thursday, June 12, 1401). For this year, facilities will be paid to eligible tenants up to 40, 70 and 100 million tomans, respectively.
As expected, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development is responsible for registering the applicants for this loan, and for this, the applicants must go through the system. Initiate registration. These facilities will vary depending on the location of the leased property and those who are eligible for these facilities will repay with 18% interest.

Payment for the facility began after the Corona pandemic, and today is the third time applicants have registered. The publication of news related to the beginning of registration of mortgage loan applicants in 1401 was noticed by the audience of Tejarat News. The leading report has been prepared based on the recorded comments of the audience of this news.

Clearly, the opinions of Tejarat News audiences regarding the registration of a 1401 mortgage loan are not out of the question. The parties are seeking to receive these facilities.

God forbid we are tenants anymore!

A number of comments referred to the unequal conditions of tenants in the Iranian housing market. As a result of economic conditions, the chances of becoming a landlord and even renewing a lease are becoming more difficult every day.
“By God, what sin do we tenants have that we have no money or work? Now I am my wife, she has no work and she is sick.”
“Where do we poor guarantors get, neither work nor money? All misery, God, we do not have money for bread. What is the government doing?”
“Every year, a 24-year-old tenant, I say I buy a house. With this inflation, I fall behind every year. I have student children. I can no longer afford living expenses, let alone buy a house.”
“Which country has a house and a car and no one has such an expensive house? The reason is that the one who has a luxury house and gets astronomical salary can be a representative for the people and make a law. How does he know about his hungry stomach and his children?”
“I am now an unemployed tenant. I want to take a loan with 3 children. Do you want a guarantor? Do you think that someone will be the guarantor of an unemployed person? No, not enough.

Why do you owe people?

Some audiences also came to the surface through this model of officials to solve problems such as extending the landlord and tenant lease.

“In any way, you owe the nation something. Instead of raising inflation, do something. There is no need for these loans.”
“Sir, when you have made this plan and implemented it, put at least one solution right in front of us tenants so that we can get out of this misfortune.”
“Think of the tenants, you know the loan with 18%, no one can say this for a year, what will they do next year with astronomical installments of this loan”.
“You want some guarantors from me, but many of them are borrowing billions, and a few days later, goodbye to Iran, please think of us, the lower decile, and the poor.”
“Please do not let so many people go to work and let us be in our own pain.”
“I am moving my furniture in the warehouse of one of my relatives and myself and my wife and children are displaced. Where can I get a lease with a tracking code now?”
“Dear Mr. Thinker, all your work is such that you throw a big stone in front of us miserable poor people.”
“What if we could pay 18% interest to the bank if we paid the same rent for our house?”
“You, dear officials, do not know that those who are tenants do not have a guarantor and a salary deduction certificate. I have no one to guarantee me when I come.

How can I get this loan?

On the other hand, there were audiences who counted on their chances of getting a 1401 mortgage. This group posed far more technical and practical questions.

“Thank you. If you can give me and my family a mortgage, I can not pay the rent. My wife is a worker and she is sick.”
“My father-in-law registered last year. I have not given a loan yet. Are you coming for a new series of loans now?”
“In a situation where the minimum housing deposit in the cities is not less than two hundred million, it is not forty or seventy hundred million.”
– “How to register? “Should we go to the bank or the Internet cafe?”
– “Hello, when is the registration deadline?”
– “Can those who have taken it once re-register?”
– “The site has a problem, it does not allow us to register, what does it mean? “What are you going to do in front of us for a loan?”
– “The ruined site does not enter, everything goes wrong”.
“The site does not allow me to enter. It all makes mistakes. What a situation, oh God.”
“Hello, I wrote a plan to have a child for housing. The third child was born. I went to the Housing Foundation and called a number. They say they have not given us any notice yet.”
“Hello, I have been a tenant for 13 years, now the house I live in is Mehr housing, and the owner of the house is not cooperating with me to register the second deed, let me know.”
“We took it last year, we can’t take it this year either.”
– “When you want to register, the site redirects you to another site. You enter the details of my site and it makes an error in executing the request.”

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