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Reducing the marriage loan queue in Bank Melli Iran

According to the monetary financial news quoted by the public relations of Bank Melli Iran, at the end of November this year, 29,593 people were in line to receive marriage loans, which is a decrease of more than 8,500 compared to the previous month.
Also, in the first eight months of this year, 174,771 marriage facilities were paid to young couples, with a Rial value of 152,806 billion and 633 million Rials.

RowFrom the beginning of the year to the end of the monthNumber of applicants in the queueNumber of loan applicantsTotal amount (amounts in million Rials)

The payment of marriage loans of Bank Melli Iran with the aim of promoting the good tradition of marriage among the youth, has a favorable upward trend and the evaluation of marriage loans of this bank during the last five years shows that the process of granting these facilities has always been upward.

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