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Regaining the Olympic quota is not far from the reach of Iranian volleyball – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr news agency, the annual general assembly of the volleyball federation started at 9:30 today (Sunday, September 19) in the Hall of the Farsi master of the National Olympic and Paralympic Academy under the chairmanship of Seyyed Mohammad Poladgar, Deputy Minister of Sports and Youth Development.

In this meeting, while offering his condolences for the days of mourning for the martyrs and wishing for the acceptance of obedience, Poladager said: To the members of the assembly and the presidents Boards Because of the efforts they made during the year 1401, May the God give you the strength I say. The volleyball federation is among the most productive and brilliant ball federations, and the stability in the management of this federation is one of the reasons for its good performance.

He continued: “The referee is one of the managers who gained good and valuable experience in other fields of the country’s sports before the volleyball federation and put everyone at the service of volleyball, the result of which is a good performance that we all witness.”

The vice president of championship sports development pointed out that these days people’s expectations in the adult age category have not been met, and stated: while brilliant results were obtained in the basic categories, this shows that the federation has succeeded in supporting the adults and we hope that In the coming years, these teenagers and young people will replace adults.

Poladeger noted: In our country, the successes of the basic level are usually not highlighted, while this issue is very important because there is no repetition in this age group and the players are immediately placed in another age group. Age categories are less noticed in the media and public opinion, and people only remember one big success and other events are not very visible to them.

He further added: The results obtained in the age groups are very promising, although the expectations of the people in the adult field were not met, we hope that their expectations will be met in the coming months, with volleyball results in the Asian Games and winning the Olympic quota at the top. Is. We all know that winning the Olympic quota is a success, and Iranian volleyball has achieved this success twice, and considering the potential of volleyball, winning the third quota is not far from reach.

Referring to the volleyball federation’s tax problem, Poladager said: What happened to sports federations is similar to a tax trap. While the Tax Affairs Organization should have expressed its request on time, not to be silenced and requested after a few years. The auditors should answer why they did not mention it in the reports from 2011 are And this was a strange problem that occurred.

He added: The tax organization sought to solve the problem on a case-by-case basis for reasons they know. This is a heavy price for the federations and I hope this problem will not be repeated. There are the same problems regarding insurance that we are trying to solve.

In the end, the vice president of championship and professional sports development said: I thank all the dear ones for their efforts during the past year and a half and I hope that Iranian volleyball will shine on the high platforms of the world in the upcoming events.

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