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Registration of Andaj village as the national village of Glim Alamut

According to the Aria Heritage Report, citing the public relations of the General Directorate of Heritage, Culture, Tourism and Handicrafts of Qazvin Province, Pouya Mahmoudian met with Qazvin Governor Mohammad Mehdi Alaei and Fatemeh Mohammadbeigi, Qazvin People’s Representative, in the Islamic Consultative Assembly. The national village of Glim Alamut said: “In the fifth meeting of the Strategic Council for Determining National Cities and Villages of Handicrafts on December 13 of this year, after a field inspection and very good defense by representatives and provincial officials, the registration of Andaj village as the first file sent from Qazvin “The national cities and villages of handicrafts were approved.”

The Deputy Minister of Handicrafts and Traditional Arts stated: “With the national registration of villages and cities of handicrafts, in fact, an important step will be taken to get acquainted with the capacities of handicrafts and branding, economic prosperity and cultural prosperity of these areas. “Positive in attracting and encouraging women, entrepreneurs and artists in these areas, it can bring a wave of happiness and hope to the craftsmen and the people of the region during the transition from Corona.”

He also announced the addition of one city from West Azerbaijan and three cities from Khuzestan to the list of national cities of handicrafts and said: “Indika and Rafi, all three from Khuzestan, were also selected as national cities of ihram weaving, tribal handicrafts and carpet weaving, respectively.”

Qazvin has a special opportunity to introduce and offer handicrafts to the people and tourists

Qazvin Governor Mohammad Mehdi Alaei also said during the meeting: “Qazvin has more capacity and position in the field of handicrafts than in the field of handicraft production, although in some areas such as Alamut, there is a high potential in the field of handicraft production.”

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He said that Qazvin is located in the north, northwest and center of the country and many travelers pass through it. “And he started selling handicrafts in the province, which also has its own investors and applicants.”

The Governor of Qazvin, emphasizing that we especially support investment in the field of tourism and handicrafts, continued: “Also, the growth and promotion of the country’s art and culture will be effective.”


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