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Retaining Atai was the right decision/ the national team lost in the first week of the rhyme – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

In an interview with Mehr reporter, Amir Hosseini said: “Unfortunately, the results obtained by the national team were not worthy of Iranian volleyball.” The national team from the same week First He showed that he is not ready for this competition. Most teams per week First They don’t come to the field with the main team and the national team could have such a situation. national team in the same week First The caravan game lost And this process continued in the second week. Unfortunately, the problems that arose for the team in the third week of the competition made them not focus enough.

He pointed to the weakness of the national team in these competitions and added: The team should have been sent to these competitions with the best players, and if the goal is to change the generation, we should have changed one or two players instead of changing the entire composition of the team. Anyway In Iran, the result of words First and the technical staff should have paid attention to this issue. I think the problem was elsewhere and the weakness of the national team should be analyzed.

Former Iranian volleyball player in response to Behrouz Atai’s statement that “the Iranian team is the most optimistic state of Part of He said: “My question to the head coach of the national team is what was the purpose of participating in this competition? Wasn’t the national team supposed to make the hearts of the fans happy by presenting attractive games in this tournament? It is a condition that the future generations will all go towards football, and volleyball, by presenting attractive games, will give this motivation to the future generation to be drawn in this direction.”

He continued: We had the fourth place in the history of the World League and we should not fool ourselves with these words that we are the eighth in the world in the most optimistic possible state. With the investment they made, Japan was one of the best teams in the League of Nations.

Hosseini said about Atai’s retention in the national team: I think the right decision was made. We have two important tournaments ahead and we cannot bring a coach to the national team who does not know the players and it takes time to get to know him enough. Therefore, keeping Atai was the right decision, but I believe it should be Frame He will be strengthened in this the way help him Bringing a foreign coach is a step back and suppresses Iranian coaches! The time to trust the technical staff is now and they should provide the conditions for him.

Former Iranian volleyball player about Selection The players of the national team also emphasized: idealogy And the coach’s taste returns, Iranian players are all at the same level Selection Among them, it was a difficult task. I think there should be an interaction between technical staff And players were created and used all the capacity of Iranian volleyball.

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