Review of the 6-month reports of Khuzestan Steel Company/Fakhuz’s first half-year performance was positive

According to Tejarat News, the review of the monthly performance report of the Khuzestan Steel Company, which operates under the symbol “Fakhuz” on the Tehran Stock Exchange, indicates that the company’s production and sales figures in September have fallen sharply compared to September last year. In such a way that the production amount of the company has reached one million and 29 thousand tons from one million and 144 thousand tons in September 1401 with a decrease of 10%.

Also, the company’s sales in September decreased by more than 45% compared to the same period last year and reached 260 thousand tons. In this way, it must be said that Fakhuz did not have a good September and the company’s performance was better during the same period last year.

On the other hand, comparing the production and sales figures of Fakhuz with last month, August, shows that the company’s production has increased by 28% this month. However, the amount of Fakhuz sales decreased by three percent compared to August and reached the mentioned figure.

Monthly income of Khuzestan Steel

The decrease in the company’s sales volume in September compared to the same period last year caused the company’s income to decrease by more than 19% in this time frame and reached from 5,669 billion tomans to 4,568 billion tomans. But the increase in the average sales rate of the company’s products in September compared to August caused Fakhuz’s income to increase compared to this month. So that the company’s income in September was about 34% higher than Fakhuz’s income of 3,410 billion tomans in August.

Family monthly income

Fakhuz’s performance in the first 6 months of 1402

Contrary to what was said in the review of Fakhuz’s performance in September, the company’s performance in the first 6 months of this year was acceptable and the production and sales figures during this period were upward compared to the first half of last year. For example, the company’s production increased from 6 million 252 thousand tons in the first 6 months of last year to 6 million 442 thousand tons with a three percent growth.

Also, the company’s sales increased by more than 6% in this time period and recorded one million and 890 thousand tons. The same issue, along with the increase in the price of the company’s products, caused the company’s 6-month income to jump by 42% from 23,785 billion tomans to 33,756 billion tomans.

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