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Rgbati: Even with 100% inflation, the budget of the wrestling and taekwondo federation has not decreased/ Esteghlal and Persepolis are state companies!

According to the sports reporter of Fars news agency, Ali Raghbati said in the Sports and People program regarding the budget of sports federations and the objection of some leaders such as wrestling and taekwondo to this issue: the budget of the ministries is determined and it has no place outside of that. The budget of the federations was determined through Article 14. There is also a section called Federation row. In note 14, the total sports budget is 285 billion tomans, which must be divided among all federations.

He added: From this amount of budget, we have to divide it among all federations. We have 48 federations, of which 21 federations have received these grants, and 190 billion Tomans of this money have been divided between these 21 federations, two-thirds of this budget has been divided between wrestling, taekwondo, football, home and rural sports federations, and one-third of the total credit is also It should be divided and distributed equally among the rest of the federations, such as the federations of the deaf, special patients, etc., which cannot get sponsors and whose income comes only from government assistance.

Raghbati clarified: 14 federations have also received a small share of this budget, federations such as shooting, boxing, etc. Our expectation is that this budget and money should be distributed among all federations. The Ministry of Sports has its budget from the same money that is determined by the program and budget organization and must pay it among all federations. The Ministry of Sports has given good credits to 6 federations. 21 federations such as basketball, volleyball, etc. have received about 5 billion Tomans in the 14-digit note, which ends with two shipments. In fact, we have not taken this money from the share of anyone or any federation to give to another.

Referring to the budget of the wrestling federation, the adviser of the sports minister said: Last year, this federation received 39 billion tomans from the government, and now this figure has reached 70 billion tomans. Actually, as I said, the Ministry of Sports has no money of its own, and it is the budget bill that determines the budget for the Ministry of Sports.

Regarding the disagreement between the Wrestling Federation and the Ministry of Sports, he said: Yes, the Ministry of Sports should spend according to the budget and be accountable to the Court of Accounts. These issues are handled within the framework of the law. If a federation has gone and lobbied, we are also grateful, but the Ministry of Sports should divide this money among all federations. Our discussion was that this money should be divided among all federations and they can also use this credit, and 21 federations that did not go to the parliament and did not speak have a share of this budget.

Regarding why the Ministry of Sports itself did not lobby to increase the budget and receive more money, Raghabati said: This happens throughout the year, but when the government issues a bill, it must defend its generalities. When you want to get more money from the government, in fact, this money should be taken from another device. The parliament approved this budget with the help of their friends and the knowledge and expertise they had and also knew the federations.

The adviser to the Minister of Sports said that there is not much bargaining to increase the budget of the Ministry of Sports because the costs have increased with the increase of the dollar: In the budget of the federations, apart from the government aid, there are 16, 17 other clauses, and some of these clauses are feasible in many federations. It’s not like selling tickets or attracting financial sponsors, and the government should help them, such as the fields of special diseases, the Federation of the Blind. We have 48 federations that receive aid, and if we want to divide this money among all, a figure of around 4.5 billion tomans will not reach each federation, which does not include the salary of the federations’ employees. By the way, the federations that have received a larger share from the government have more chances to generate income and attract financial sponsors.

Referring to the government’s assistance to the wrestling federation, he said: The respected government provided the buildings and land for wrestling for 25 years so that the federation no longer has to pay for accommodation in the camps. Of course, food expenses must be paid. The ship has a chance to get money from elsewhere and receive financial assistance. Last year, the ship received 39 billion tomans from the government, and this year this figure has reached 91 billion tomans. If we consider inflation at 100%, it has received more money than inflation.

Referring to the Taekwondo Federation, he said: Last year, the Taekwondo Federation should have received 11 billion Tomans from the government, of which it received 9 billion. This year, this figure has reached 22 billion Tomans, of which it received nearly 10 billion. In the Taekwondo Federation, if we calculate inflation at 100%, the figure received from the government has increased from 11 billion tomans to 22 billion tomans, so nothing has been taken from the share of these friends. The government takes money with the approval of the parliament and has no other money. We have nothing to do with other issues such as how much is taken from a financial sponsor or a certain operator, and we do not interfere in it, even we support them in this field.

Referring to the high expenses of the Ministry of Sports, Raghabati said: “Apart from the federations, there are other expenses. How much money should the 150-member deaf convoy be sent abroad?” With what money should the 60-person caravan of special patients whose competitions are held every 4 years be sent? All funds cannot be allocated to one or two federations because the goal of the Ministry of Sports is to develop and grow sports for all levels. We hope that the sports budget will be increased. At the same time, the costs of honoring the heroes must also be provided. We also have a support fund for veterans. We have 1,500 sports teams in the provinces and 14,000 sports teams in the cities. All this is costly. Yes, I also agree that the sports budget should be increased through bargaining and lobbying, but the federations currently have the same budget, and if they need more, they should lobby in this regard and provide it from other places. In the government, there are discussions about health, security, etc., so that we can exercise alongside it.

The advisor to the Minister of Sports said about why some of our sports federations are managed by a supervisor and do not have a president: 15 of our federations are managed by a supervisor, of which three are newly established federations, and the affairs of the boards, athletes, refereeing issues, etc. should be taken care of. be held so that we can hold the election commission for them. 5 federations have been unintentionally managed by a supervisor. The head of the General Federation retired, the head of the Kung Fu Federation of his service organization did not agree to continue his activities, the head of the Boxing Federation became a refugee, and the election of the head of the Equestrian Federation was annulled by a court order. The cycling federation held its elections, but the global president of the cycling federation invalidated these elections because of one vote, and it took months to reach an agreement with the global federation on how to hold the elections for this sport, and finally the cycling elections were held on 30th of Bahman. to be

He added: The elections of the Gymnastics Federation ended in 1400, but the World Gymnastics Federation announced that another charter from this federation has been sent to the World Federation. In the end, there were some doubts that were resolved and the registration and confirmation procedures for the selection of the president of the gymnastics federation are also going through. 5 federations such as badminton, golf and billiards have also been registered, and the time to elect the head of golf is on the 3rd of February.

Pointing out that inquiries should be made for the president and vice president, he said: “In the past, only one president was elected, but now in the elections, the president and vice president must be elected, and for each election, 7 people must be questioned, which is actually a large number of people.” And queries take time. Equestrian Federation also held its elections, but this assembly had a legal problem that the judicial authority entered into it and a vote was issued, that’s why I refrain from giving details so as not to cause any misunderstanding.

About the status of the head of the gymnastics federation, Raghabati said: As I said, the world federation announced that there is a statute in this federation. For example, in the case of football, I will say that as much as FIFA insists that its own rules must be implemented, it insists that the statutes of football federations inside the country be approved by the cabinet.

Regarding the issue of the retirement of the presidents of the federations, he said that we can retire some presidents of the federations who are employees of the Ministry of Sports, but the presidents of other federations who are in the institutions They are no longer active, we are not responsible for their retirement. For example, Soleimani served in Squash Federation for 37 years and stayed until the end of the term. Mr. Davarzni, the head of the volleyball federation, has one more year left in his term. Some organizations insist that he should go because of his retirement, that there are strict rules and the Ministry of Sports resists this. We cannot retire employees of other institutions. There were these issues in volleyball and squash. We neglected Moradi too. We did not abandon Mr. Moradi by retiring from the weightlifting federation.

He said about the management indicators and retirement discussion: You mentioned the right point. Regarding management indicators, for example, in the case of the Minister of Sports, I say that some say that non-athletes are more successful and give good examples in this regard, and some say that athletes themselves are successful. It doesn’t matter if the manager is a sportsman or not, but the problem is that some criteria that are consistent with themselves are called comprehensive criteria, and this is bad. There are all kinds of people in the International Olympic Committee; Sports, politics, athletes, etc., but the person who wants to be in this committee must have worked in sports for 8 to 10 years and at least 22 years have passed since his sports activity. For example, the head of the International Olympic Committee must be an Olympian. For example, Jacques Roque has been a member of the Belgian rowing team for three times in the Olympics. Non-athletes can also participate, but they must be accompanied by athletes. However, it is not true that some people consider their criteria as management criteria everywhere, they want to be the president of the federation, to be present in clubs, to be present in insurance and to be a member of the board of directors in various companies. We have had successful presidents of the federation in the past, such as Turkan or Yazdani-Khorram, who were all successful.

The adviser to the Minister of Sports regarding the discussion of the privatization of Esteghlal and Persepolis in the foreign exchange and that 350 billion Tomans were taken from the stock market buyers in this regard so that this money could be spent on the infrastructure and other issues of the clubs, but Fethullahzadeh, the CEO of Esteghlal Club, announced last week that there is no more money in the club. This money has been spent, he said: Persepolis and Esteghlal have been the heirs of 43 years of problems. Now I don’t care what they had before the revolution or what they achieved after the revolution, but in the last 20 years, Persepolis and Esteghlal have become state companies that have problems. It is created in their work. These two state-owned companies belong to the government, and the Ministry of Economy and Finance owns their ownership rights, and the Ministry of Sports does not own them. These two companies have been assigned and have gone through the process of privatization, which took three or four years of hard work. These two clubs have an assembly in which the Minister of Economy and Finance, the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Sports are members, and the secretary of the assembly is also the Minister of Sports. The Minister of Sports is responsible for expressing and presenting the decisions made in this forum, and in fact, he is the executor of the decisions made in this forum, and not all decisions are with the Minister of Sports.

Regarding the fact that Ajarlo announced that he was removed from the management of Esteghlal overnight, it was not just the decision of the Minister of Sports, he said: Why is there always a question about leaving overnight, why is this question not raised, how did they come overnight? We always bring up these topics when we go. Of course, I am not naming any particular person.

Regarding where in the world do the members of the board of directors of two clubs interview so many of them, he said: I worked in Persepolis for two years. This issue has two or three reasons, one reason is that it is related to our culture that we want to say that we are. The second reason is that you, the media, call these members every day, and the third reason is that in the board of directors of the clubs, duties are divided, and for example, I was once in charge of the transfers of the Persepolis club, and I should have spoken about this.

The advisor of the Minister of Sports regarding the privatization of Esteghlal and Persepolis said: Privatization has a trend that a small percentage was created in the first offering, which is the discovery of the price. A block is offered in the over-the-counter market, and an expenditure committee was appointed for the money collected from the over-the-counter, and the head of the privatization organization, the deputy champion of the Ministry of Sports, and the CEO of the club are members of this expenditure committee. I must say that when money is counted, the creditor may withdraw the money counted by a court order. In this case, such things may have happened. We are waiting for the report of Gurbanzadeh, the head of the privatization organization, but the good news for Esteghlal Club is that they have reached an agreement with the tax affairs and money has been paid to solve their tax debt issue.

In the end, he stated: I hope that the sports budget deficit will be taken into account in the budget review, because next year is the year when we have to get Olympic quotas, and these are costly.

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