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According to Mehr News Agency, in an interview with CNN, Robert Mali, the US Special Representative for Iran, once again referred to the time-consuming tactics in order to put pressure on Iran at the Vienna talks.

He claims that the time to revive the 2015 nuclear deal is coming to an end; He said: “In the not too distant future, we will come to the conclusion that Borjam no longer exists and we must negotiate a completely new and different agreement.” Of course, in this way, we will enter a period of increasing crisis.

Robert Mali added: “If Iran (its nuclear program) continues at its current pace; Just a few weeks and no more (we have time to reach an agreement) and at this point, the result will be that there is no agreement on resuscitation.

Noting that Iran wants the lifting of all sanctions above all else, the US diplomat reiterated the Washington administration’s readiness to take a step-by-step approach, claiming that “we are ready to use a system in which “Both sides know who will do what, how and when, and we are ready to discuss this.”

Robert Mali reiterated that Iran seeks to use the development of its nuclear program as leverage to advance its own interests in the negotiations.

After the end of the seventh round of the Vienna talks, which led to the inclusion of Iran’s position in the documents that will be the basis for future talks; Westerners turned to time-consuming tactics.

In this tactic, they try to downplay Iran’s achievements and, by claiming that the seventh round has been accompanied by little progress, put pressure on Iran by setting a deadline of a few weeks.

“The next round could be the last round of talks,” said Ali Bagheri, Iran’s chief negotiator. It is natural for the other side to accept our views; “We can reach an agreement as soon as possible.”

The team of the new Iranian government emphasized from the beginning that there is no such thing as nuclear talks, because the nuclear issue was resolved in 2015 in the form of an agreement reached between Iran and the P5 + 1, and in the resumption of the Vienna talks, the main issue is the consequences. It stems from the withdrawal of the United States from the UN Security Council and its illegal sanctions.


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