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Sadaret Bank’s Qarz Al-Hosneh loan facility responded to the needs of 351,000 people

According to the financial news report, citing the public relations of Bank Saderat Iran, CEO of Bank Saderat Iran Seyyed Diya Imani announced this news and added: the amount of loans paid by Bank Saderat Iran in 1401 to fulfill the goals of social responsibilities in the year called “Production” “knowledge-based and job-creating”, exceeded 33 thousand billion tomans, which was more than 73% growth compared to the previous year, and covered the needs of 351 thousand people of the country.

Reminding that Bank Saderat Iran is the operational arm of the government in financing various economic sectors and supporting the people, he emphasized: attention to the payment of necessary loans and loans in this bank continued seriously until the last days of 1401, in a way that more than 118 thousand items of marriage loan and dowry preparation worth more than 161 thousand billion Rials have been paid, which is 107% more than the notified marriage loan quota this year.

Imani mentioned the payment of more than 287,000 Qarz-ul-Hasna loan items worth 242,000 billion Rials, as well as the payment of nearly 64,000 support loan items worth nearly 95,000 billion Rials in 1401, and noted the efforts of Saderat Bank of Iran for Action emphasized social responsibilities.

He stated: In addition to paying all kinds of loans for marriage and providing dowry, having children, creating jobs for the Relief Committee, Welfare Organization, Barkat Foundation, Alavi Foundation, Martyr Foundation and the affairs of martyrs and job creation at the disposal of the governorates, paying the housing deposit for the beneficiaries of the Relief Committee and the Welfare Organization , essential loans, treatment and prisoners in need, as well as responding to the needs of knowledge-based companies, paying deposits and subsidies for the purchase of housing from normal sources, improving and renovating rural housing, as well as supporting the supply of basic goods to the people have also been considered.

The CEO of Saderat Bank of Iran also mentioned helping to build infrastructure projects in the field of water and roads as other measures taken in the field of social responsibilities and added: Considering the naming of the year 1402 as the year of “Inflation Control, Production Growth”, Saderat Bank of Iran By adopting more appropriate approaches of proper liquidity management to optimally direct resources towards production, it will pursue the realization of the desired goals to reduce the effects of inflation in the field of liquidity creation and at the same time support the increase in production by using various monetary tools.

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