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Samsung’s new flagship has entered the Iranian market; Will prices drop?

Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, has officially entered the Iranian market, and now several official importers have introduced the Galaxy S23 phone and its various models. The price of these phones is currently more expensive than usual and experts believe that in the future, if there is no significant change in the exchange rate, the price of these phones will be up to twenty percent decrease

According to Digiato, lovers of Samsung’s new flagship phone can now buy the S23. This phone has entered the country’s market after a few days delay from the global launch, and currently it does not have any problems in terms of registration.

The base model of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone is approx Seventy million tomans It is sold and its 512 GB model also reaches eighty million tomans. However, the spokesperson of the Mobile Importers Association believes that these prices have an initial supply bubble and by the next month, we will see a decrease in the price of new Samsung mobile phones.

The Secretary of the Mobile Importers Association, “Mehdi Abakari”, in an interview with Digiato, said about why the current price of this phone is high compared to its global price:

“It happens in all brands, new model phones and especially flagship models. When a brand like Samsung introduces its new phone and announces its global price, there is a gap between the introduction and global mass release. In this interval, which varies from a week to a month, the price of the phone is more than the announced rate.

Abakari emphasizes that no overselling is currently taking place, and he told Digiato: “If a person from Dubai buys and brings the same item right now, he cannot import this item for less than 70 million tomans; because currently the number of goods in the market is small.

Samsung's new flagship has entered the Iranian market; Will prices drop? 2

In response to the question of how many Samsung flagship phones have entered the country and how this model has been received so far, he told Digiato: “Less than two thousand phones of the new Samsung flagship have entered the country and the same number It is not in the hands of the importers and all the shopkeepers bought it.”

According to him, those who are buyers of flagship phones, buy these models in the early days and that is why there is currently acceptance among these groups.

Abgari emphasized that the price of this phone is not going to remain at the current rate (seventy million tomans and above) and predicted that soon and with the global mass supply, we will see a decrease in the price of these models. He told DiGiato about this:

“I imagine that if nothing special happens to the exchange rate, the base price of this phone in its simple model will drop below 60 in the second week of March. million tomans arrive; Because we usually see a 20% decrease in the price of mobile phones after a month of their release.”

Samsung’s new flagship is sold in Iran’s mobile market and online stores, and its full review will be published on the Digiato website soon.

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