Scaloni: Argentina does not claim the 2022 World Cup

According to Tasnim news agency, Lionel Scaloni, the head coach of Argentina’s national football team, after his team won the Intercontinental Cup with a 3-0 victory over Italy in last night’s (Wednesday) game between the two teams at Wembley Stadium in London, refused to claim Albi Celeste for the cup. World 2022 know.

“The fans are satisfied and they were able to see a good game from the national team,” Scaloni said. Most importantly, the people of Europe were able to enjoy watching this game just as much. I am very happy that my family was able to enjoy. I think the team performed very well and we showed that our progress continues. The result we got is very important, because we played against a strong opponent who is one of the best.

Scaloni added: “Our main goal was to create a platform for the revival and reconstruction of the team and the correct implementation of tactical principles.” This was done easily. Honestly, the players understood the concepts I told them well, and this shows their competence. We saw a good game overall, but it is good not to forget the games in which we also performed well and still lost. Sometimes you play again with a good game and sometimes you win. In the first half of this game, we could have played even better. World Cup contender? No, we do not claim to be champions. Just because we won this game, we can not say that our chances of winning the World Cup have increased. Absolutely not. We are just a good team that wants to compete, but the story of the World Cup is something else.

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