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Selecting the best “single photo” and “photo collection” of the documentary festival with the opinion of the people

According to Fars News Agency, the secretariat of this event intends to award a special prize to the best single photo and collection of photos sent to this festival from the audience’s point of view.

Photography enthusiasts and the audience of the Documentary Television Festival have the opportunity to vote for their selected photos and participate in this selection until Thursday, November 11th. In these two categories, the works that get the most votes will be awarded a special popular prize in the photography category.

According to the report, the poll to select the best single photo and photo collection is documented through the story page of the TV festival, and there is a 24-hour voting time for each work. Those who are interested can choose the best photos by visiting the Instagram Documentary TV Festival.

The fifth edition of the Documentary Television Festival has started with the slogan “Narration of Truth in the Frame of Reality” in the sections of documentary film, documentary photography and documentary writing. For more information, visit

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