Serious warning for pre-purchase property

According to Tejarat News, recently, advertisements about pre-purchase property have been seen on various buying and selling platforms and sites. But to what extent can we rely on the credibility of these ads?

In this regard News spread He spoke with Ismail Hosseinzehi, the first deputy chairman of the Civil Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and Mustafa Gholi Khosravi, chairman of the country’s real estate union.

Housing cooperatives do not have the right to sell in advance

Hosseinzehi says: the issue of pre-purchase of housing in District 22 must be under the scrutiny of the supervisory body, and the board of directors of housing cooperatives does not have the right to pre-sell any property outside the legal framework.

He continued: “Even if the pre-purchase of the property is done by a person or property, the cooperative must follow up on this issue.”

Zehi continued: “Sometimes it is seen that reputable government cooperatives also pre-sell housing to the people, which is also outside the framework of the law.”

Also, most of the pre-purchase violations of apartments in District 22 are committed by real estate offices, and the real estate union must deal with the offending cooperatives. Because any advertisement on advertising sites is a violation.

Parliament has banned the pre-purchase of property

Mostafa Gholi Khosravi, the head of the country’s real estate union, says in this regard: The parliament has banned the pre-purchase of property and pre-purchase of property is allowed only if the share of the mother’s land is registered in the name of individuals in the notary office.

He added: “If there is a violation by the real estate offices and this process is taken to the notary offices, there will be a big problem that the parliament must monitor this case.”

Khosravi explained about the pre-purchase of housing in various cooperatives in District 22: The way all these cooperatives operate on the issue of pre-purchase of apartments is against the law.

He continued: “Despite the violations of cooperatives and real estate consultants in the discussion of pre-purchase of housing in District 22, unfortunately, there are still advertisements on the Divar website and some banners in Tehran.”

These housing units are promised to the applicants with tempting conditions, but it should be noted that the monitoring and dealing with such violations is the responsibility of the judiciary and the real estate union is not responsible for dealing with false advertisements.

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