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Seyed Mohammad Mousavi’s problem to participate in Italian volleyball was solved – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the public relations of the Volleyball Federation, Mustafa Karkhaneh, the representative of the Volleyball Federation in the ITC case of Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, stated: “Following the federation, support and cooperation of Engineer Soleimani, The team was in charge of me, it was solved. I may have suffered the most in what happened, but we all took steps to help national volleyball so that there would be no problem for our country’s volleyball star.

He continued: Seraji, as the CEO of Saipa Club, agreed with Mousavi to leave and believed that because Mousavi wants to leave, he may not be able to serve the team with all his might. Mousavi trained in Saipa for three months and played for 6 weeks and received 900 million Tomans, which of course he returned to Saipa Club. After returning to Iran, Mousavi is scheduled to participate in Saipa Company’s advertising program. According to the conversation I had with him, he had no problem with this issue and thanked Saipa Club for its support and goodwill.

The volleyball veteran of our country pointed out: the players are national assets and if we all have such a view, the situation will be right. Considering that ITC Mousavi should have been issued, as a representative of the Volleyball Federation, I had talks with Engineer Soleimani, CEO of Saipa. In order to honor the efforts of the country’s volleyball stars, while agreeing with Mousavi’s request, he stated that he will do whatever he can to help the efforts of this player in creating a proud path for the country’s volleyball. Thus, the problem of Seyed Mohammad Mousavi to participate in the Italian league was solved.

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The factory added: I personally thank and appreciate the cooperation and support of Saipa management team, especially Engineer Soleimani.


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