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Shahdab in the 2nd Asian Test/ Iran’s unattainable volleyball records

According to the sports reporter of Fars news agency, the 23rd Asian men’s club championship volleyball competition will be hosted by Bahrain from May 24 to 31, and Shahdab Yazd team will represent our country in this competition.

History of matches

The first round of these competitions was held in China in 1999, and apart from 2003 and 2020, when these competitions were not held due to the outbreak of Sars and Covid-19, Asian men’s club championship volleyball competitions have been held in other years.

The 23rd Asian Men’s Club Championship Volleyball Competition 2023 will be hosted by Bahrain from May 24 to 31, so that this country will experience its second hosting in this tournament.

Iranian volleyball has been represented in all Asian men’s club championships, and the Shahdab Yazd team, as the champion of the men’s premier league in 1401, will represent Iran in the 2023 competition.

Iran’s unattainable records

With 24 medals, including 16 gold, four silver and four bronze medals, Iranian volleyball is considered the most proud country in the Asian continent in these competitions, and this record will stand for consecutive years even if Iran’s representatives do not win a medal. In 2023, Shahdab Yazd is looking to win the 25th Iranian volleyball medal in this tournament.

So far, 10 countries have won medals in these competitions, and the only time Iran’s representative has not been on the podium in these competitions is in 2001, when the Sanam team placed fifth in the competition.

South Korea with two gold and one silver medals is in the second place in the statistics of this competition, and Qatar is the third proudest country with 11 medals, including one gold, 6 silver and four bronze. Kazakhstan (one gold, three silver and four bronze), China (one gold, one silver and five bronze), Chinese Taipei (one gold and one bronze), Japan (four silver and three bronze), Saudi Arabia (two silver), Indonesia and Pakistan with a bronze are other Asian countries whose representatives have gone on the podium.

In the last 22 rounds of these competitions, 9 Iranian clubs participated, and Pikan Tehran team is the most proud club in Asia with eight championships, two runners-up and two bronze medals. The Arrows, who also have a third world title on their record, won six consecutive championships from 2006 to 2011.

The representative of Varamin and Capital Bank also won two championships and Sanam (one gold and one silver medal), Kale Mazandaran (one gold and one bronze medal), Khatam Ardakan (one gold), Folad Sirjan Iranian (one gold) and Saipa (one silver). ) are other proud clubs of Iran in these competitions.

The Shahdab Yazd team is in the next position with a bronze medal, which is trying to win the first gold medal and the championship position in its second Asian test.

It should be mentioned that Iran has been the host of these competitions for four times and in three times (2002, 2004 and 2022) two representatives from our country participated in these competitions. In 2013, despite hosting only one team from Iran, it was present in these competitions.

60 Iranian players among the best

In the 22 editions of the Asia Men’s Club Volleyball Championship, 60 Iranian players were among the best, 14 players were named the most valuable, five players were named the best libero, five players were named the best passer, five players were named the best receiver, and 16 players were named the best defender. , three players received the title of the best scorer, seven players the title of the best server, four players the title of the best attacker and one player the title of the best ball catcher of the tournament.

The list of 60 Iranian volleyball players who were among the best in the 22 rounds of this competition is as follows:

Most Valuable Player:

Behnam Mahmoudi Pikan 2002

Mohammad Turkashund Sanam 2004

Mohammad Soleimani Pikan 2006

Mohammad Soleimani Pikan 2007

Peyman Akbari Pikan 2010

Hamza Zarini Pikan 2011

Hamza Zarini Kale Mazandaran 2013

Shahram Mahmoudi Matin Varamin 2014

Shahram Mahmoudi Capital Bank 2016

Shahram Mahmoudi Capital Bank 2017

Hamza Zarini Khatam Ardakan 2018

Alireza Jalali, Varamin Municipality, 2019

Saber Kazemi Folad Sirjan Iranian 2021

Saeed Marouf Pikan Tehran 2022

Best libro:

Farhad Zarif Pikan 2006

Farhad Zarif Pikan 2007

Farhad Zarif Pikan 2009

Mojtaba Yousefi Khatam Ardakan 2018

Mohammad Reza Mozen Shahdab Yazd 2022

The best passer:

Hossein Mandari Pikan 2002

Amir Hosseini Sanam 2004

Mehdi Mahdavi Capital Bank 2016

Varamin municipality medical permit 2019

Saeed Marouf Pikan Tehran 2022

Best Receiver:

Azim Jazideh Pikan 1999

Azim Jazide Sanam 2004

Milad Ebadipour Capital Bank 2016

Milad Ebadipour Capital Bank 2017

Hossein Amiri Khatam Ardakan 2018

Best defender:

Kivan Megdari Pikan 2000

Saeed Rezaei Pikan 2004

Mohammad Mansouri Pikan 2006

Mohammad Mousavi Pikan 2007

Alireza Nadi Pikan 2008

Hossam Bakhshashi Pikan 2011

Adel Gholami Kaleh, Mazandaran, 2012

Mohammad Mousavi Kale Mazandaran 2013

Mohammad Mousavi and Mustafa Sharifat Matin Varamin 2014

Saeed Mostafavand Pikan 2015

Mohammad Mousavi Capital Bank 2016

Mohammad Mousavi Capital Bank 2017

Adel Gholami Khatam Ardakan 2018

Mohammad Razipour, Varamin Municipality, 2019

Mehdi Jaloh Folad Sirjan Iranian 2021

Mohammad Mousavi Pikan Tehran 2022

Most points player:

Behnam Mahmoudi Pikan 2000

Peyman Akbari Pikan 2007

Farhad Nazari Afshar Pikan 2009

Best service provider:

Behnam Mahmoudi Sanam 2001

Amirhosseini Sanam 2002

Amirhossein Mangiri Sanam 2004

Mohammad Mohammad Kazem Pikan 2006

Mohammad Turkashund Pikan 2007

Hamza Zarini Pikan 2011

Farhad Ghaemi, Kale, Mazandaran, 2013

Best striker:

Mohammad Turkashund Sanam 2002

Mohsen Andalib Pikan 2008

Mehdi Bazargerd Pikan 2011

Shahram Mahmoudi, Kale, Mazandaran, 2012

The best ball catcher:

Azim Jazide Sanam 2004

* Three Iranians in the 2023 technical committee

The Asian Volleyball Confederation announced the members of the control committee for the 2023 Asian Men’s Club Championship, and Mohammad Shahmiri, Morteza Afjaei and Maryam Hasabi are on this list.

The list of members of the control committee of these competitions is as follows:

Chairman of the Control Committee: Emil Jabour (Lebanon)

Technical supervisors: Khalid Al-Kaabi (Qatar), Mohammad Ahmad Al-Sawadi (Bahrain) and Abdul Rahman Al-Kous (Kuwait)

Referee Supervisor: Bani Kunqa (India)

Jury committee members: Khalid al-Zouqibi (Saudi Arabia), Mohammad Shahmiri (Iran) and Jirachai Kasensuk (Thailand)

VIS: Morteza Afjehai (Iran)

AVC Coordinator: Shanrit Wongprasert (Thailand)

Morteza Akrami from Iran is also one of the 16 judges in this tournament.

The 2023 men’s club championship volleyball tournament will be held with the participation of 16 teams, and the complete grouping of the preliminary stage is as follows:

Group A: Bahrain, South Korea, Australia and Indonesia

Group B: Iran (Shohdab Yazd), Iraq, China Taipei and Afghanistan

Group C: Japan, Thailand, Mongolia and Yemen

Group D: Kazakhstan, Qatar, Hong Kong and Kuwait

The complete program of the group stage of the men’s club championship volleyball tournament in Tehran time is as follows:

Sunday, May 24:

12 o’clock: Afghanistan – Chinese Taipei and Mongolia – Yemen

2:30 p.m.: Qatar – Kazakhstan and Iraq – Iran (Shohdab Yazd)

17: Thailand – Japan and Australia – South Korea

7:30 p.m.: Bahrain – Indonesia and Hong Kong – Kuwait

Monday, May 25:

12 o’clock: Afghanistan – Iran (Shohdab Yazd) and Mongolia – Japan

2:30 p.m.: Yemen – Thailand and Chinese Taipei – Iraq

17: Qatar – Kuwait and Australia – Indonesia

7:30 p.m.: Bahrain – South Korea and Kazakhstan – Hong Kong

Tuesday, May 26:

12 o’clock: Afghanistan – Iraq and Japan – Yemen

2:30 p.m.: Mongolia – Thailand and Iran (Shohdab Yazd) – Chinese Taipei

17: Qatar – Hong Kong and South Korea – Indonesia

7:30 p.m.: Bahrain – Australia, Kuwait and Kazakhstan

The matches in the second stage will be followed from Thursday, May 28, in four new groups, where the first and second teams of the preliminary groups compete for the first to eighth positions and the third and fourth teams of the preliminary groups compete for the ninth to sixteenth positions.

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