Shareholders read / 7 important news for the stock exchange on January 3rd

According to Tejarat News, the stock market, following the negative trend of last week, also started this week negatively. Experts believe that the recession in the capital market will end if the value of transactions increases along with strong external stimuli. It remains to be seen what signals affect the stock market today.

The circular of the National Tax Affairs Organization on the inclusion of income tax in cases of declaring the market value or net sales value in the stock offices of the listed companies was annulled.

Vice President of the Khorasan Razavi Sugar Producers Association said: “Until last week, the sugar market was stagnant, but with the news of the implementation of the VAT law and the elimination of the tax exemption for sugar, the market has changed a bit and in the sales department.” Most of the sugar in the sugar market is somewhat inflated. (ISNA) Yesterday, the sugar group had a good growth despite the market decline.

All stock exchange industries have experienced an increase in sales in the period of December 1400 compared to December of last year. The total sales of stock exchange industries in the period of one month ending in December 1400, amounted to 165 thousand 402 billion and 410 million Tomans; Meanwhile, the total sales of these industries in the same period last year was 115,257 billion and 672 million tomans.

Masihi, the Deputy Minister of Tax Revenues of the Tax Affairs Organization, announced: According to the Permanent Law on Value Added Tax approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, transportation services (both freight and passenger) within and outside the city and international road, rail and sea from payment VAT is exempt.

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The draft capital market law is amended

The spokesman of the Budget Bill Integration Commission said: the internal regulations were reviewed and approved, and also on Sunday, January 3, with the presence of officials including the head of the Program and Budget Organization, economic and oil ministers, they will review approaches and foreign exchange policies and how to pay subsidies in the budget bill. Next Sunday, the Joint Commission will present its report on the generals of the budget bill to the public for voting, so that it can go into details within three weeks after its approval in the parliament./Khane Mellat

The Center for Statistics said in its latest report that oil-free economic growth reached 3.3 percent this summer. In the summer of this year, the gross domestic product without oil at a fixed price in 1390 amounted to one million 623 thousand 213 billion rials. The price index of consumer goods and services in the whole country in the summer of 1994, based on the year 1995, was 338.7, which was an inflation rate of 45.8% in the 12 months ending in September 2016, compared to the same period of the previous year./IBNA

Mohsen Alizadeh, an observer member of parliament in the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange, wrote on Twitter: The draft amendment to the capital market law requires the consensus of market participants. Instructors, experts and sympathizers of this market do not worry. Certainly, the positive comments of market participants in this regard will lead to better reforms.

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