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Shiba Inu launched its initial version of DAO; Will the power of investors increase?

As the debate over decentralized self-governing organizations (DAOs) heats up and some prominent figures in the digital currency field point to projects active in this sector, the Shiba Ino development team is also seeking to launch a decentralized self-governing organization. The first phase of this project has now been launched and its main goal is to increase the authority of this digital currency community.

To Report Kevin Desk, Shiba Ino Development Team, recently announced that it has launched the prototype of its Decentralized Authority (DAO) to give its users more control over projects related to this digital currency and Shiba Swap decentralized exchange rates (ShibaSwap). ) Make decisions.

Dodge Quinn’s competitor will launch his decentralized project, called Doggy Dao, step by step. The first phase of this project called “DAO1” will be implemented in the next few days.

Shiba Ino Development Team has said about the first phase of its Dao project:

DAO1’s focus is on quickly empowering the Shiba Ino community so that its members can decide which projects and value propositions should be in the Shiba Swap WOOF Pools pool and reward rewards. How should the BONE token be distributed among members of the community?

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In Dao Shiba Ino, a token called “tBONE” is used for voting. tBONE is a new Staking contract that locks the boon tokens for a longer period of time before voting begins.

According to Meem Quinn’s blog, after the launch of the first phase was completed, Shiba Ino, using the feedback she received from members of her community, released a newer version of her decentralized organization called “DAO2”. will do. This version allows members of the Shiba Ino community to submit their general suggestions for review or review to Multisig-Team and Breeds.

The Shiba Ino development team has said that in order for the whales to no longer be able to control the voting, the “project guards” or six of the nine selected wallets will have the final say on whether a currency pair should be added to the Shiba Swap exchange list. Fell. The purpose of such a scheme is to make sure that no one can play the ecosystem of Shiba Inu.

On December 22 (December 21), after the Shiba Ino whales bought and increased their inventory, the price of this meme quin also increased. At that time, only one wallet, nearly $ 134 million, was bought by Sheiba Ino.

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