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Shiraz, rich in the scent of orange spring

These days, Shiraz is full of pure scents of orange spring, every passerby who passes by a garden breathes the freshness of spring and is intoxicated by the lovely fragrance of orange spring flowers, the city of eternal secrets, these days embrace the fragrance of the heart. Orange spring has opened.

Half of the month of April is the missing half of many passers-by who pass by the gardens and parks of Shiraz and take a breath in the fresh air of Shiraz. Shiraz is blooming In this month, spring freshness reaches its peak in Shiraz and Koi and Barzan are full of flowers and spring freshness.

eavar of Shiraz, rich in the scent of orange spring

These days, Shiraz is full of pure scents of orange spring, every passerby who passes by a garden breathes the freshness of spring and is intoxicated by the hearty fragrance of orange spring flowers. Spring is beautiful and dreamy everywhere, and listening to its inspiring songs is audible. But in Shiraz, all these beauties with the sweet fragrance of orange spring can be seen in Mosfa gardens.

Nowruz trips usually end in the middle of April in most cities of the country, but in Shiraz, it is a different story and the coming and going continues in spring. It is a fact that many guests who travel to Shiraz come to this city in addition to visiting the holy threshold of Shahcheragh (a.s.) and visiting the tomb of Persian-speaking poets to take advantage of the pleasure of smelling the pleasant smell of spring oranges.

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Orange Spring 1 Shiraz, rich in the scent of Orange Spring

Inhaling the pleasant smell of orange spring in Shiraz becomes more heartwarming and heartwarming when it is accompanied by tourism in the gardens of Musfai Eram, Afif Abad, Delgosha, Jahannama, Bagh Safa or the beautiful grounds of the tombs of Persian poets Go Saadi and Hafez.

Delgoshay garden of Shiraz, which is located next to the tomb of Ustad Sokhon Saadi Shirazi, is covered with tanwar orange trees, which gives a beautiful view to this garden in 2 seasons: autumn when they bear fruit and spring when the spring petals bloom.

Delgosha Garden of Shiraz, which many citizens of Shiraz are familiar with the freshness of the spring air and the charm of its spirit-enhancing environment, is a place for citizens and guests to enjoy and explore, and usually on all holidays of the year, citizens enjoy their leisure activities next to its flowing water.

Orange trees are planted in rows in this clean garden, and every year at the beginning of the year, it is full of the pleasant smell of orange spring. Passers-by, citizens and guests who come to Shiraz can smell the pleasant smell of orange spring from a few hundred meters away. The whole of Bostan Street, which leads to Saadi’s tomb and is located next to Delgosha Garden, is full of orange spring fragrance.

Every year, in front of this garden, there is a market for the sale of spring oranges, and this year, every morning of spring, fresh oranges are displayed in front of this garden.

The proximity of Delgosha garden to Saadi’s tomb, the constant flowing water in this garden, the orange tanvar trees and its old and ancient building make many citizens come to its area to see this garden, especially these days when the pleasant smell of orange spring is enough of an excuse to Viewing the garden is provided.

Some people also take advantage of the proximity of this garden to the mountains around Saadi’s tomb and come to this garden by hiking in the morning and refresh their hands and face in the soothing water in the morning. Orange spring buds open in this garden from the middle of April and usually until the middle of May, the garden is filled with the fragrance of orange spring.

It is at this time that the doors of Delgosha garden are closed to the people to protect the orange springs and to exploit these blossoms.

One of the other gardens in Shiraz, which is full of the scent of orange spring in spring days, is the Eram Garden in Shiraz. This garden is under the control of Shiraz University and hundreds of thousands of citizens and guests visit it every year, and its beauty is famous all over the world.

Eram Garden, whose area is covered with thick trees and rose flowers, is a place with orange gardens, the fragrance of its spring flowers mixes with the fragrance of orange spring and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

The orange trees in this Mosfa garden, the history of which goes back to the Qajar period, spread paw to paw and are kind to travelers and guests and make them benefit from the pleasant fragrance of spring.

The aroma of orange spring in the morning before the sunrise in this garden is more and better in this garden and usually those who sleep in the morning can be better placed in the royal atmosphere of this garden.

Of course, the beauty of Eram Garden reaches its peak in the month of May, but the omen of seeing it in these days is because of the scent of orange spring.

Shiraz Spring Orange, rich in the fragrance of Orange Spring

Afif Abad garden is one of the other gardens in Shiraz, which is full of orange spring fragrance in spring days.

Afif Abad garden is now managed as a military museum and is at the disposal of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, and the citizens who visit it benefit greatly from the orange spring and its fragrance. And the freshness of its air is twofold in terms of its influence on the climate of the region.

The orange trees in Afif Abad garden are also huge and beautiful, and with the blossoming of spring flowers in the garden, the scent of spring oranges mixes with the scent of spring flowers in the garden and spreads the joy of the visit in the hearts of the passers-by.

One of the other gardens in Musfa, Shiraz, which is full of orange trees and is also known by the same name, is Narenjestan Garden. This garden is now managed as a museum, but seeing the freshness of its orange trees is also one of the attractions of the museum.

Nazar garden, where the building of Pars Museum is located and it is located in the Zandiye historical sites of Shiraz, is also one of the orange groves of Shiraz. This garden, which was the residence of Karimkhan Zand, contains a collection of beautiful orange trees and at the same time with Spring is blooming.

The pleasant scent of Orange Spring spreads from Nazar Bagh to the streets around this garden, and usually those who visit the Karimkhani Citadel near this garden also benefit from it.

Jannet Garden, Jahannama Garden, Safa Garden, Azadi Garden, Khaled Brin Garden, Vali Asr Garden and other gardens in Shiraz are among the places where orange trees bloom at the same time as the spring season.

In addition to the gardens that we have mentioned, Orange is usually planted in most of the boulevards and streets of Shiraz as a traditional tree of Shiraz, and at the same time as the spring season, it fills the streets with its fragrance.

Bahar Naranj, which is usually sold dry in Shiraz perfumeries and spirits, also has medicinal and soothing properties, and some people use it for relief and relaxation. Bahar Naranj is also a pleasant drink that is offered in Shiraz spirit stores It has many customers.

The type of trees that are planted in the city of Shiraz is important, and trees that need little water, are economical, and have a good profit, and every tree that is planted should have a thought behind it. Orange tree is a native tree of Shiraz.

In general, Shiraz is known as the city of Hazrat Ahmed Ibn Musa Shahcheragh (AS), the city of Persian-speaking poets Hafez and Saadi, as well as the city of flowers and bulbs.

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