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Signing a comprehensive memorandum of cooperation between the Industrial Management Organization and the Football Federation

The CEO of the Industrial Management Organization and the President of the Football Federation signed a comprehensive memorandum of cooperation.

According to Shata, the topics of this memorandum include several issues, including mutual cooperation between the parties in designing the competency model of football managers, conducting educational needs assessment through planning and implementation of club managers evaluation center, preparing and compiling competency development plans and designing business management courses. And football works.

Among the topics in this memorandum are football management training courses, design and implementation of international specialized football management training courses, holding joint management workshops, ranking clubs based on the model of organizational excellence as a comprehensive model of organizational evaluation of clubs and Proposed improvement projects noted.

The CEO of the Industrial Management Organization said at the ceremony: “The MBA in Sports Management in the Industrial Management Organization is targeted and its purpose is to organize, plan, control and evaluate in the field of sports with the presence of the best professors and another goal is to identify and guide the desired talent.”

Abolfazl Kiani Bakhtiari added: “One of the weaknesses in the field of sports and football is concluding a contract. In this field, the Industrial Management Organization, according to strong professors in coaching, club issues, risk management, football economics, etc., can, at the request of the federation.” Football will help a lot.

At the ceremony, the President of the Football Federation, while referring to the records and experiences of the Industrial Management Organization regarding helping to develop management capacity in the country, stated: To be done and to design and implement specialized courses for the country’s football managers.

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Shahabuddin Azizi Khadem added: the managers of the Premier League and first division clubs, members of the club union, heads of football delegations, managers of the Football Federation in the first phase will be the audience and beneficiaries of these courses.

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