Simple ways to prevent car theft / 15 golden tips

According to the online economy report; There are many ways to steal a car, such as breaking the glass and unlocking the door, which can be said to be the easiest way to steal a car. There are different ways to prevent car theft and people can use different ways according to their circumstances. Stay with us to tell you more about this.

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Car theft has various and advanced methods that make car owners more worried day by day. The concern of car owners is always; Because with the economic conditions, it is difficult to buy cars and car accessories, and this concern is justified.

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The provinces of Tehran, Khorasan, Alborz, Isfahan and Khuzestan recorded the most car thefts. It is clear that according to statistics, the most stolen cars were Pride and Peugeot. In order to prevent these incidents, logical and correct solutions must be chosen to create peace and security for car owners.

How is the car stolen?

There are different ways to steal a car, the easiest of which is to break the glass. This method is done with a special tool that won’t even make the sound of breaking the glass. See here for more information on talismanic theft. Of course, currently, thieves are interested in stealing car accessories, including the engine, which, of course, you can purchase car engine insurance to compensate for the damage.

Disabling the car alarm is another very simple way to steal a car. In the following, we will explain some tips on how to prevent car theft.

Park the car in lighted places

As you know, most car thefts happen at night; Because there is no good vision for people in the dark and the thief can commit the theft with ease. It is better to park the car in a place that is always well lit to increase the risk of thieves.

Ways to prevent car theft

To prevent the car from being stolen, put it in a safe place

The best places are after the parking lot, the alley or the street where the lights are on. Pay attention, if you are going to park your car in a neighborhood where you are for the first time, it is better to park your car in front of the bank or places that use closed camera circuit. This method is one of the best ways to prevent car theft.

Do not park the car next to the exits

By renting cars next to the exits, you provide the best opportunity for thieves to carry out car theft operations in a short time. One of the ways to prevent car theft can be said that a car that is in the parking lot is more difficult to steal; Because the density of cars is higher and the thief cannot do this without attracting attention, but exits can be the best option for theft.

Pay for car security

Considering that there are many ways of car theft, the ways to prevent car theft should also increase. It is better to increase the security of the car so that in addition to increasing the risk of theft, it also prevents tracking and traveling to find the car.

Various tools were designed to help car owners in this matter. Various types of alarms, advanced locks and quality windows are good ways to prevent car theft. Also, cars with higher prices use a car tracker, which is considered one of the latest burglar alarms. This alarm can be installed for most cars and one of the best ways to prevent car theft is to increase car security.

Make sure the car doors are locked

Many times, you forget to lock the car door due to the fact that you park the car and are in a hurry to do office work or go to your workplace. This is one of the simple ways to steal a car, so make sure that locking the car door is one of the most important ways to prevent car theft.

Make sure of the quality of your alarm

Alarms are definitely one of the most suitable car tools. The important thing is to choose an alarm that, in addition to high quality, also guarantees the security of your car. Satellite alarm is the best example of alarms and ways to prevent car theft.

With the development of the automotive industry and security equipment, burglar alarms have been designed and produced, which can turn off the car and call the police in case of car theft.

Put the spare keys in a safe place

Forgetting your car keys may cause you to have spare keys available. The key may be left in the car and the car door is locked, it is necessary to have a spare key for these situations, but note that the spare key should be placed in a safe place and not placed in the car in any way.

The car thief is familiar with all the possible places where the car can fit. Even the trunk of the car is not suitable for keeping the spare key.

Lock the car door after getting off

Sometimes the driver may get out of the car for a few moments and not lock the car door. In this short time, the thief may be lurking and the moment you get out of the car (even close the parking door), your car will be stolen.

Change the lock after buying a used car

It has been seen that people buy used cars. Note that sometimes these purchases are made through intermediaries and some people may be thieves.

To avoid financial loss, change the door and trunk locks after the delivery of the car to increase the security of your car.

Request car towing from authorized centers

Towing is one of the most common methods of car theft. In this way, a car that breaks down on the street should not be towed by private cars, and it is better to call a car rescue service.

Take fake accidents seriously

Sometimes people throw themselves in front of the car and after the driver gets off, the person with that person gets into the car and steals the car. Sometimes they hit the car from behind and during the discussion between the two drivers, the second thief steals the car. In these cases, the car should be turned off and the switch should be removed when it is found in the car. This reduces the possibility of theft.

Choose valid parking and car wash

In some cases, it is possible that parking lots or unauthorized car washes hire people on a temporary basis, and the possibility that these people will steal your keys is very high. It is recommended to use licensed and reputable sites.

Check the agent’s ID card

In some cases, people called traffic police or patrol will stop your car. Before you get out of the car, be sure to check the identity card of the person.

Do not put your valuables in the car

Valuable items such as bags, laptops, mobile phones and similar items increase the conditions of theft and increase the thief’s motivation. You may say that the bag inside the car was very worthless and there were no valuable items in the bag! Well, the thief does not know this and causes damage to your car.

Vehicle theft

Ways to prevent car theft

Do not tempt thieves to steal your car by placing items in the car.

It is better if you have items that make it difficult for you to move, at least put them in the trunk of the car.

Do not accept food and drink from strangers

Drinks or food offered by passengers to the driver can endanger their lives in addition to financial damage. By offering a chocolate, the thief can make you unconscious and easily steal all personal property such as: money, gold, watch and documents. Of course, the main target of this type of theft is the car.

This is a very important way to prevent car theft for hardworking travelers, please don’t trust strangers.

You have probably heard that some people use it by stealing car license plates. What should you do if your license plate is stolen? For comprehensive information, read the article on car license plate theft.

As mentioned, important points must be observed to save life and property. There are many ways to prevent car theft, you just have to choose according to your circumstances. It is better to do all the things to reduce the possibility of theft.

It is better to use body insurance to avoid financial losses. Obtaining body insurance and choosing theft insurance can be the best option for compensation.

Body insurance theft coverage

In body insurance, the policy holder can receive damages when his car is damaged by paying the premium.

Theft coverage is one of the benefits of body insurance that covers partial theft. The theft of radio, rims, tires and audio system is covered by body insurance. If the car is completely moved from its location, but partial items are stolen, it is still included in the theft coverage of the body insurance. So, in addition to knowing the ways to prevent car theft, it is better to get car insurance so that you can use its theft coverage.

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