Some Esteghlal players are not as good as this team / Majidi should be more careful

According to the Mehr reporter, Esteghlal football team reached the 15th week to be the guest of Masjed Soleiman Oil in the last week of the first half of the season, after 14 games without defeat and recording the best statistics in all table items and gaining the most points and leading the table. .

Javad Qorab, a veteran of the blue jersey and a former member of the board of directors of this club, in a conversation with Mehr reporter about the latest situation of this club and Esteghlal team, made a statement which is described below.

Veterans of independence must come together

The Blues veteran began his conversation with a story about the club’s veterans and said: “Recently we had a meeting with Ajurlu and he warmly welcomed us as your veterans’ representative. The plan is that, God willing, with the support of the club, we will gather the veterans together and put them in order. Every loved one, even if he wears the Esteghlal shirt for 2 hours, is considered a veteran of this club and has a special place. There are good programs for the dear veterans, which we hope will go ahead with the support of the club and Sardar Ajurlu, so that the dear veterans of this club can be by the side of the club in their personalities and positions.

Some Esteghlal players are not as good as this team / Majidi should be more careful

The management of the club has created good conditions

Esteghlal veteran emphasized: it is far from fair if I do not praise the management of the club. A management that has created good conditions and a suitable environment for the team and has injected calm into the team environment. If we see the team leading today, we should not easily skip the management role. It should be said that we have not had such a management in the club in the last seven or eight years, and this management team has had the best performance in recent years.

Hardworking and compassionate technical staff of Esteghlal

He noted: Majidi and his staff have worked hard during this period, and in turn I thank Majidi, Pin, Mostafavi and even Farzad, and I have a special thanks to Bijan Taheri. A loving, compassionate and unique man who does his job without the slightest fringe and is in perfect harmony with the technical staff. I think every club needs someone like Bijan Taheri. He is fully aligned with the technical staff and performs the supervisory duties in the best possible way.

The leading team must be supported

“As a pioneer, I support independence,” Qarab said. Why not support the team with the best statistics at the top of the table? This independence deserves support and deserves championship. But in addition to the comprehensive support I receive from the team, technical staff and management team, as a veteran of this club and a football expert, I also mention some issues in order to increase the chances of winning the championship.

Shine in Esteghlal and Persepolis requires many factors

Esteghlal veteran stated: One of the things I wanted to mention is to be more careful in attracting players. I will not name any player, but I am disappointed when we see some players come to this team and leave without efficiency. There may be players who are stars in their teams, but not all players can be stars in Esteghlal and even Persepolis. Shine in Esteghlal and Persepolis requires many factors. Therefore, the coaches of these two teams must attract players with great care and obsession. Esteghlal is not a place for trial and error, and players who have the ability to shine in this team must be attracted.

Majidi takes players more carefully

Qarab said: “Unfortunately, there are players in Esteghlal who are not as good as this team.” From now on, Mr. Majidi must attract players with more care and better insight. Definitely every player who comes to this team loves it. But loving players must be attracted who can live up to expectations. In Esteghlal and Persepolis, coaches have no right to make mistakes in attracting players.

Philosophy of attracting some players

The former board member of the Blues emphasized: “Maybe some coaches will attract players who do not need them at all, and their philosophy is only not to attract the rival team, and in this way, they will be allowed to strengthen the rival team.” This may also be a tactic to compete during the season, which of course I will not go into. But I emphasize that Mr. Majidi and his colleagues should shop with open eyes in the middle of the season when the power of choice is lower. Their purchases should not be lower than the likes of Yamga and Zested. The closing team has its own rules and the team should not be full of players to lose control. It is enough to use only two level players for each position.

Injuries have increased
The former Blues midfielder said: “In the past, although training was not as professional as it is today, nutrition science was not advanced and bodybuilding science and technology was not as it is today, but injuries were much less. Unfortunately, the number of injuries has increased these days and the duration of injuries has also increased. I am not in training with the team to know the reasons, but I can say that this is a defect that needs to be fixed.

Independence requires players

The Esteghlal veteran emphasized: Esteghlal ends the half of the season with a lead and has a high chance of winning, but in order not to weaken this chance, or better to say, to increase this chance, the team must attract players in the second half of the season. I believe that except for the offensive line, where we have a lot of good players, we need players in other lines, especially in the midfield. Our midfielders are generally of the same gender and with the same characteristics, and a new player must be hired to complete the midfield. In defense, although we have good players, we need at least one more player. We need a player like Omid Ebrahimi, Ali Karimi or Soroush Rafiei in the midfield, and if necessary, the player should be recruited from abroad.

Independence has no stars

“Although there are good players in our team, the reality is that the team lacks stars,” said a former board member of Esteghlal. I mean star players who can change the fate of a game. Esteghlal is a team that must have at least two or three players who can be called stars. A player like Mehdi Ghaedi, for example, last season, who took a team out of the bottleneck in critical moments.

Some Esteghlal players are not as good as this team / Majidi should be more careful

Elimination from Asia does not disturb the focus of coaches and players

Regarding the removal of Esteghlal from Asia, Gharab said: “This incident is not interesting at all and it should be mentioned as a stigma in sports.” But the fact is that neither the club managers nor the other members of the clubs are to blame for this. This is not a matter for the clubs. For now, the minister said that this problem may be solved. If, according to the Minister of Sports, this problem is solved, how much better. If this does not happen, the players and members of the technical staff should not think about it any more and should not let this tragic event distract them.

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